“You’re tall right? Your heart is like cotton candy”… Kim Young-hee, who spoke of happiness and hope, dies

Kim Young-hee, a star of women’s basketball in the 1980s, passed away at the age of 60. It contains the past times of Kim Young-hee, who never lost her smile despite her long struggle with illness. The D: issue of today (2nd) begins. 메이저놀이터

1984 Los Angeles Olympics First silver medal in ball game
2m 5cm ‘Elephant Center’ Kim Young-hee led a new history in women’s basketball
1983 Basketball Festival ’52 points’ Han The record for the most goals scored in a match
… Diagnosed with ‘giant disease’ acromegaly after collapsing during second Olympic training… The 24-year-old at
the time, the times I fought with various complications and stinging eyesTaking care of neighbors who are more difficult even living in a single room with a pension of 700,000 won per month

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