You said you shot enough to shoot at Stove League?… There are still three steps left

‘Annual record hunter’ Lee Jung-hoo
‘7th year, 1 billion breakthrough’ interest in writing history

The frenzy of the professional baseball free agent (FA) market, in which more than 75 billion won was poured out, is over. However, as a non-FA multi-year contract worth 10 billion won comes out like NC Gu Chang-mo, the annual salary renewal market is also heating up.

The salary of Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom), the best player (MVP) in the 2022 regular season, receives the most attention. Lee Jung-hoo became the overwhelming rookie of the year with his first high school graduate rookie appearance in all games, and has continued to break the record for the highest annual salary since his second year of debut. Last year, his sixth year, Lee Jung-hoo’s annual salary was 750 million won. It was on par with the highest annual salary in the ninth year recorded by pitcher Jang Won-sam in 2014.

Kiwoom is a team that motivates players with unconventional salaries. Lee Jung-hoo is the best star Kiwoom has produced since Park Byung-ho. It is expected that a symbolic amount will come out of Lee Jung-hoo, who will leave for the United States at the end of this season. 1 billion won was called that standard. This is because there has not been a single player who has received 1 billion won through a one-year general annual salary renewal. Lee Jung-hoo, who won 5 batting titles, left for the United States on the 9th for personal training. The salary agreement with the club is over. 1 billion won is naturally passed over. 카지노

Oh Seung-hwan, the oldest,
received 1.6 billion won last year… Pay attention to the final amount of settlement

Oh Seung-hwan (41, Samsung)’s ‘blank delegation’ is a new topic. The Samsung club revealed on the 11th that Oh Seung-hwan left it to the club’s will while negotiating the salary twice, but could not reach an agreement. Oh Seung-hwan passed the ball to the club and left for overseas training on the 10th.

Oh Seung-hwan is a super player who received an annual salary of 1.6 billion won last year. Although he is the oldest pitcher in the league, he still has 31 saves. However, Samsung fell to 7th place, and the head coach resigned midway. The veteran pitcher’s vacancy has many meanings. He is also a cause not to be greedy, but he is nothing short of a declaration that he will accept no matter how much he cuts. How Samsung interprets this meaning and the extent of the cuts can even show the direction of the club in the future.

‘FA level multi-year contract negotiations’ Oh Ji-hwan ‘s contract
for more than 4 years and a total of 10 billion won is likely to exceed 10 billion won


LG is negotiating a multi-year contract with Oh Ji-hwan, who is about to enter the final season of his 4-year FA contract. The big stems, such as the contract period and the total amount, are roughly at eye level, and the details are being finalized. A large-scale contract of more than four years and a total value of well over 10 billion won is expected. Most of the players who have signed contracts worth 10 billion won have been pitchers, catchers, and outfielders. Following first baseman (Lee Dae-ho) and third baseman (Choi Jeong), second baseman (Park Min-woo) also came out, but only shortstop did not have a player worth 10 billion won. Through a multi-year contract with Oh Ji-hwan, LG is also revealing its will to change the perception that it is stingy with internal players. It is also a symbolic meaning that Oh Ji-hwan was chosen as the pillar that will continue the history of the team, and that he will surely support him.

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