You can’t use Socrates as a platoon… Deepening concerns, will KIA find an answer?

KIA foreign hitter Socrates Brito (31) overcame the crisis at the beginning of last year and played a great role from May, eventually reaching the goal of renewing the contract.

He has the accuracy to record a batting average of more than 30%, 먹튀검증punching power to record a long hit of more than double at any time, and also has a certain level of running and defense. Considering the league adaptation problem, it was a difficult card to turn away from. Players were also satisfied with their life at KIA. He eventually re-signed for a total of 1.1 million dollars (approximately 1.43 billion won).

But he’s not a perfect player. His defense in center field was not as good as he thought, and his stolen base success rate was not that high. Here, the performance of the left and right-handed opponents was too polar. When it comes to right-handed pitchers, he is not afraid of being the ace of the league. However, when left-handed pitchers came out, he struggled regardless of the opponent’s level.

It is not unusual for a left-handed hitter to struggle against a lefty, but the problem with Socrates is that the variance is too great. Socrates started to roar from May of last year. The checks of the other 9 clubs became extreme from this point on. Maybe that’s why the data that didn’t use toxic power against the left-hander comes to the eyes.

Excluding April, which was too sluggish, and May, which was too good, there are concerns when looking at the aggregated results from June to the last game of the season. Socrates recorded a batting average of 0.302 from June to the final game. Against right-handers, he had a batting average of 0.346 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.941, which was perfect. His batting average against flank type opponents was 0.296, and there was no major flaw.

However, against lefties, his batting average dropped to 0.222, and his OPS remained at 0.563. He may have had the aftermath of a major injury during the season when he was hit in the face by a ball. Regardless, however, his batting average against lefties was not good throughout the season. The OPS against left-handed opponents in May, which seemed to have no one to stop them, was also below his own average at 0.774.

As he has adapted to the league, he also had an eye on expecting a better performance this year. He expected that his performance would improve if he became more familiar with left-handed pitchers in the league. However, at least in this year’s exhibition games, such achievements have not yet been seen. Until the 27th, the performance against lefties in this year’s exhibition game is only 1 hit in 11 at-bats (.091). One single hit was all, and he also struck out four times. On the other hand, his batting average against right-handers reached 0.529. The condition is not bad, but it is said that the left-handed attack is not possible.

It is difficult for players with severe left-right-hander variance to become a starting player who consistently plays 144 games. It is often used as a platoon system. However, it is impossible to use Socrates as a platoon, which has a certain weight in defense against foreign hitters. You have to hope that Socrates will overcome himself. If not, the checks of other teams, which have all of this data and detailed course strategy data, will inevitably intensify.

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