Yiin’s ‘good fortune’ is back… ‘First appearance of return’ 4⅓ innings, 4 runs, risk of defeat

Pitcher Lee In-bok (32), whom the Lotte Giants had been waiting for, returned, but faced a losing pitcher crisis.

Lee In-bok started the mound against kt Wiz in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Suwon kt Wiz Park on the 22nd.카지노

Lee In-bok underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his right elbow after last season. After that, he went through a rehabilitation process, and on the 22nd he was registered as a first-team entry and made his first appearance of the season as a starting pitcher.

Before the game, Lotte coach Larry Sutton announced his pitching plan, saying, “Lee In-bok has been faithfully building up in the Futures League. I’m looking forward to 5 innings. I don’t know what will happen depending on the game situation, but I’m looking forward to it because he pitches efficiently.” .

On this day, Lee In-bok was Kim Sang-soo (shortstop) – Kim Min-hyeok (left fielder) – Anthony Alford (designated hitter) – Park Byung-ho (1st baseman) – Hwang Jae-gyun (3rd baseman) – Kang Hyun-woo (catcher) – Park Kyung-soo (2nd baseman) – Bae Jeong-dae (center fielder) – He faced the kt batting line composed of Ahn Chi-young (right fielder).

In the first inning, Lee In-bok was shaken for a moment. After treating lead hitter Kim Sang-soo with a shortstop ground ball, Kim Min-hyeok and Alford allowed consecutive hits to become 1st and 1st and 2nd base. Afterwards, Byeong-ho Park hit a timely hit with an RBI, and while right fielder Dong-Hui Yoon threw an error, the runner on first base also scored, giving the team a 0-2 lead.

After that, clean pitching continued without conceding. In the bottom of the second inning, the lead hitter, Park Kyung-soo, was sent out on a sand dune, but the follow-up batters were blocked and did not concede. In the bottom of the 3rd inning, Park Byeong-ho doubled after two outs and Hwang Jae-gyun allowed a walk to get 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, but the follow-up hitter Kang Hyeon-woo was treated as a shortstop grounder to end the inning.

The extra run was in the bottom of the 4th inning when the team was trailing 1-2. After one out, Bae Jeong-dae got an infield hit, and even third baseman Han Dong-hee made a throw error and became 1 out and 2nd base. While catching Ahn Chi-young with a shortstop ground ball, he became 1 out and 3 base, and then gave up a point with a wild throw to make it 1-3.

Even in the bottom of the 5th inning, it didn’t go the way I wanted. After one out, he was hit with a double by Alford and became 1 out and 2nd base. Afterwards, he induced Park Byeong-ho to ground the shortstop, but while shortstop Park Seung-wook was trying to catch Alford, who was heading to third base, both the batter runner and the second base runner Alford were spared, and they faced a crisis with one out and 1st and 3rd base. Afterwards, Hwang Jae-gyun hit a timely one RBI, widening the score to 1-4.

The Lotte bench made a decision and replaced Lee In-bok with reliever Shin Jeong-rak on the mound. Relief pitcher Shin Jeong-rak did not allow Lee In-bok to score an extra run, clearing the 1st and 1st base crisis.

Lee In-bok’s final score was 8 hits, 2 walks, 1 strikeout and 4 runs (3 earned runs) in 4⅓ innings. His two-seam fastball (42 pitches) reached a maximum speed of 145 km/h. He ended his first appearance back by throwing a total of 78 pitches, including a slider (21 pitches), a forkball (13 pitches) and a curveball (2 pitches). Meanwhile, at the end of the 5th inning, Lotte is trailing 1-4 to kt.

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