“Yasmin is coming in 3 weeks” Waiting for thousands of troops… ‘Hwang Yeon-joo → Jeong Ji-yoon’ gains momentum from the updraft 

“I was told to win only 3 wins… The players are good at it.”

Kang Seong-hyeong, director of Hyundai Engineering & Construction,’s expression brightened. This is because the players are showing the power of the ‘updraft’ that Hyundai E&C has put forth as the slogan this season.

The KGC Ginseng Corporation exhibition on the 14th was also like that. It started with a difficult start by giving away the 1st set, and the 2nd and 3rd sets were also close matches. But once I got the chance to win, I didn’t miss it.

Yang Hyo-jin, a 16-year-old professional who had struggled with Ginseng Corporation and Jeong Ho-young, also gained strength. 37-year-old Hwang Yeon-ju split the opponent’s court with jumps comparable to those of her prime. The two veterans ranked 1st and 2nd on the team, scoring 39 points together to win.토토사이트

Coach Kang Seong-hyung’s goal for the 4th round was 2-3 wins. He said it was okay to give Heungkuk Life Insurance the lead. The intention was that if only Yasmin, who was out due to a back injury, joined, she would be able to challenge for the regular season championship in the 5th and 6th rounds.

However, without foreign players, he achieved 5 consecutive wins, including the difficult opponent Heungkuk Life Insurance and Ginseng Corporation. The plan of giving Elisabeth something and thoroughly blocking Lee So-young and Jung Ho-young worked well. After losing the first set, which had chosen a defensive operation, the quick judgment of the command tower, which immediately put in Jung Ji-yoon and switched to attack, was also outstanding.

Above all, veterans over 30, such as Hwang Yeon-ju, Yang Hyo-jin, and Hwang Min-kyung, are showing active performances day after day, forgetting their age. On this day, Hwang Yeon-joo impressed commentator Park Mi-hee with an angle shot that was as good as in his prime. Setter Kim Da-in’s tosswork and libero Kim Yeon-gyeon’s defensive power increased. The performance of young blood such as Jeong Ji-yoon is also impressive.

Hwang Yeon-ju said, “I have a hard time physically, but above all, my joints hurt as I get older. But if I can train, I can compete. My breathing with Da-in Kim is getting better.” She also added, “Although they are all young, they are kind-hearted and have deep thoughts, so there are times when they are rather like older sisters. Instead of giving advice to younger friends, they say, ‘Jiyoon-ah, you’re amazing’ a lot.”

Now only Yasmin needs to come. Hwang Yeon-joo explained, “It’s good to set records that I’ve forgotten about, but I want Yasmin to come soon. I came to the field today, and it hurts, but how hard it is. Knowing that, I endure it, and since I’m still a young player, I talk a lot.” did.

Preparations for the return are proceeding step by step. Director Kang Seong-hyung smiled and said, “I came to the crowd today to cheer. There is no problem walking now.”

He said, “I entered the third week of rehab. I started running a little bit. I cycle and squat. I’m going to start weights next week. I think I’ll start playing volleyball in the 5th week, and I think I’ll join the team from the 6th week.”

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