Yang Jeong-go’s ‘Shim Joo-eon’ who dreams of being the No. 1 shooter in high school

Ahead of the new season, many middle and high school teams are in the midst of strengthening their strength through Stove League in each region.

High school boys and girls are conducting practice games that combine winter training in Gyeongju and Jeju Island in North Gyeongsang Province.

This season, with the first competition of the season scheduled in Haenam in March, in the jump ball, we met the players who are expected to be active in each school in the south high school this season. 

In the 19th order is Yang Jeong-go shooter Shim Joo-eon (189cm, G, F). 

Shim Joo-eon was considered a pretty good talent since middle school. He further refined his skills after entering high school, and last year he boarded the U16 national team and accumulated experience in world competitions.

Shim Joo-eon, who was responsible for the team’s perimeter score as a shooter, played in 24 games last season and averaged 17 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists, and also made 2.5 3-pointers per game. Until last season, he was in the role of supporting his older brothers, but this season he has been in a position to lead the team’s offense.

Yang Jeong High School coach Kim Chang-mo said, “The shooting is at the highest level in high school. When it comes to shooting alone, he thinks he is never behind Heo Woong or Jeon Seong-hyeon. He is good at basic prayer and is the core of our team on both sides of offense and defense. (Shim) Joo-eon should be responsible for more than half of the team’s goals. Compared to the clear position of shooter, I need to have more boldness and clutch ability,” he said, paying attention to Shim Joo-eon’s sharp fingertips.토토사이트

Shim Ju-eon’s shooting ability is praised by high school leaders. Another school leader who watched his play in Gyeongju Stove League not long ago praised him, saying, “He is one of the few players who can use the moving shot freely on the high school stage.”

Shim Joo-eon also expressed his desire to be recognized as a shooter in the 2023 season.

“I started winter training early. He has been working hard on his physical and basic physical strength training, and these days he is trying to match his hands and feet with tactical training. He is also preparing for the season by focusing on practice games.”

He continued, “He is the shooter and the main scorer on the team. As much as the coach believes in me, he wants to repay it.”

Finally, Shim Joo-eon said, “The team goal is to reach the semifinals or higher. If the players who are currently injured come back and unite as one, I think there is nothing left behind by other teams. Personally, my goal is to make a name for myself as the best shooter in high school. Last year, if there were a lot of goals that were almost eaten, this year, you have to lead the attack. I am learning a lot from coach Kim Chang-mo. He’s confident with just one shot. So he wants to be recognized as a top-notch shooter this season.”

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