Yang Hee-jong, “I support SK” out of nowhere Why?

“I support SK.”

Yang Hee-jong, the main pillar of Anyang KGC, cheered Seoul SK out of nowhere.

It was after winning 87-84 in an away game against Suwon KT in the 5th round of the regular league of the ‘2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball’ held at Suwon KT Sonic Boom Arena on the 6th.

Yang Hee-jong played as a sixth man that day and played an altoran role not only in defense, which is an advantage, but also in offense with 11 points and 5 assists. In particular, in a situation where Oh Se-geun was caught in a foul trouble and took the entire 4th quarter off, the captain and eldest brother Yang Hee-jong’s performance was even more brilliant.

Yang Hee-jong attended an interview after the game that day and said, “I’m already preparing for the playoffs.”

The following is the summary of the interview with Yang Hee-jong.

– How do you feel about winning?

▶ It was a series of matches, so it was a tough game. Since the players were struggling physically, the key was whether backup resources would fill the gap in the starting lineup. Spellman showed an ace-like side, so it was difficult, but I think I led it well to the end.

-You are 39 years old in our age, but you show an active performance in your prime. The secret?

▶ Actually, it is difficult. The average playing time is not constant, and it is difficult to maintain a steady condition because it is a role that is played when the starting pitcher is not. I have to take care of my juniors… , Still, he has more experience than his juniors, and don’t juniors also look at the eldest hyung? I don’t want to disappoint you. you have to give me faith It is true that I want to see every game won in spectator mode from the bench. I have been playing a lot lately, so it’s physically difficult. (Laughs) But we are already preparing for the playoffs. ‘Let’s prepare for the playoffs,’ says Daryl Monroe. I made a good body with Monroe and showed a great figure.

– What is the secret of KGC consistently maintaining its No. 1 position?

▶ The trust of the coaching staff and players is the strongest point. Starting pitchers Moon Seong-gon, Byun Jun-hyung, Bae Byung-jun, and Abando are also doing their part 100%. As an older brother, I am grateful for running with mental strength in every game. In particular, I learn a lot from Monroe. He is mentally strong enough to 스포츠토토be called a coach and points out the tactics of the players. There is a lot to learn. He has a great experience living as a basketball person. He is a friend who will always be appreciated.

At the same time, Yang Hee-jong smiled and asked, “Oh, there is something I shouldn’t leave out. Please write an article about Cho Eun-hoo.” Cho Eun-hoo is the team’s mascot.

“Eun-hoo is a mood maker, a lot of aegyo and a player who is loved a lot. I expect him to adapt quickly and play well, Jo Eun-woo fighting!”, making a sea of ​​laughter.

-Is there a team you want to meet in the playoffs and championship matches?

▶ All top teams such as LG and Hyundai Mobis are not easy opponents. Among them, SK thinks that the players are really good at basketball. We know when we bump into each other. I hope we can meet together so that SK can come up to the championship and taste the pain of last year (which we went through). That’s why I support SK. I want to see them collide again as a whole. We are number one, but from the standpoint of challengers.

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