Without throwing a ball, gulp an annual salary of 1.4 billion won, shoulder surgery ends the season… Dodgers rehab plant failure

A failure came out in the rehabilitation plant of the Los Angeles Dodgers. All-Star right-hander Alex Reyes (29) was out for the season after not throwing a pitch and underwent shoulder surgery. The Dodgers blew 1.1 million dollars (approximately 1.4 billion won) into the air.스포츠토토

The Orange County Register, a media outlet in California, USA, reported on the 12th (Korean time) that Reyes had recently undergone shoulder surgery. Due to the surgery that requires at least 12 months of rehabilitation, it is expected that it will be difficult for him to play for the rest of the season as well as the first half of next year.

The Dodgers acquired free agent Reyes in February for a one-year, $1.1 million deal. He signed a contract with a club option for an annual salary of $3 million next year and a maximum of $10 million for two years, including incentives based on the number of appearances. Even if the guaranteed salary is low, it could be a big contract depending on what Reyes did.

However, Reyes failed to show up in the minor leagues as well as the major leagues this year, and the season ended in vain without any appearances. With at least one year of rehabilitation required, the Dodgers are also less likely to exercise their club option next year. A guaranteed annual salary of $1.1 million isn’t a lot of money for the ‘big market’ Dodgers, but the reputation of the rehabilitation plant has been damaged.

In 2021, the Dodgers brought in pitchers who were in crisis in their careers due to injuries and rehabilitation, such as Jimmy Nelson, Corey Knable, and Tommy Kanley, at a low price and made good use of them. Shelby Miller, who turned into a journeyman after undergoing Tommy John surgery, also rebounded this season with a 2.57 ERA with 1 win, 1 save and 2 holds in 24 games (28 innings) with the Dodgers.

But Reyes never got to use it. He started his pitching program during spring training last spring, but felt discomfort in his shoulder and halted his rehabilitation, and was placed on the 60-day disabled list in mid-April. He had previously had shoulder surgery, but this time more damage was found in other areas.

Right-hander Reyes, a former prospect for the St. Louis Cardinals, made his debut in 2016 and until 2021, 101 total games (145 innings) in 5 major league seasons, 16 wins, 11 losses, 31 saves, 9 holds, an average ERA of 2.86, and 177 strikeouts.

In 2021, he took over as the closer and he went 10-8 with 29 saves and 3 holds in 69 games (72⅓ innings) with a 3.24 ERA and 95 strikeouts. He displayed power with a four-seam fastball that averaged 96.6 miles (155.5 km) and was named a National League All-Star.

However, he underwent shoulder joint and labrum surgery in May of last year and was unable to throw a ball and was out for the season. Injuries continued throughout his career, including undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2017, and St. Louis released him as a non-tender after last season.

Several teams showed interest in Reyes, but the Dodgers succeeded in catching him on generous terms. If he is not sick, he is a proven player in the top-class bullpen, but the Dodgers’ reputation as a rehabilitation plant has faded as he has not found that health.

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