Wimbledon U-14 inaugural champion Se-hyeok Cho selected as standing guard for the national tennis team

Cho Se-hyeok (Jeonbuk Namwon Base Sports Club), who became the first champion in the 14-year-old Wimbledon Tennis Championships last year토토사이트 , was selected as a national team member.

According to the Jeonbuk Provincial Sports Association on the 3rd, Cho Se-hyeok was recently selected by the Korea Tennis Association and will participate in training held at Gimcheon General Sports Town in North Gyeongsang Province from the 6th to the 14th.

After digesting his training schedule, he plans to go to study abroad in the United States to further improve his skills.

Se-Hyeok Cho said, “I am happy to be selected as a standing army member of the national team,” and “I will train hard so that I can learn more.”

Jo Se-hyeok’s younger brother Cho Min-hyeok, who is also active at the Namwon Base Sports Club, recently competed in the Australian Open 14-year-old tournament as the Asian ranking No. 1 and finished third.

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