Will Texas lose another 241.8 billion won?… deGrom is on the 60-day injured list

Ahead of this season, the Texas Rangers signed Jacob deGrom to a five-year, $185 million (approximately 241.8 billion won) contract.메이저놀이터

Even though he was a 34-year-old senior and at risk of injury, Texas took a gamble.

The New York Mets did not even offer deGrom a new contract. Because he doubted his health.

As a result, the Mets’ decision was correct. DeGrom has been out of the mound since suffering an injury against the New York Yankees on April 29 (Korean time).

Texas placed him on the 15-day injured list.

On the 6th, Texas retroactively converted deGrom to the 60-day injured.

The point at which he can return is the end of June.

However, it is known that there is currently no rehab schedule for deGrom.

Texas is currently in first place in the American League West even without deGrom. This is why there is no need to force deGrom back.

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