Why did LG push through only 10 million won in Song Eun-beom negotiations?

Song Eun-beom, the only non-contractor from LG, signed a cut of 10 million won. He signed a contract of 140 million won, a decrease of 10 million won from the previous 150 million won.

The LG club adjusted the annual salary, and long negotiations were concluded when Song Eun-beom accepted the club’s ultimatum.

As a result, LG has concluded contracts with all 45 contract renewal targets.

What was interesting was LG’s negotiating method.

LG showed a consistent position throughout the negotiations. He did not deviate from the position of cutting 10 million won.

Song Eun-beom participated in 25 games last year and recorded 1 win, 1 loss, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 4.05.

It can be said that he successfully returned after undergoing surgery for ruptured knee ligaments in the 2021 season. However, the club took issue with Song Eun-beom’s small number of games.

Since he couldn’t play many games, he figured out that that was the reason for the cut.

What caught my attention was that LG’s reduction was not that great. The proportion of 10 million won in the annual budget of a club exceeding 30 billion won is not that large.

It doesn’t make much of a difference even if you don’t cut 10 million won to inspire veterans who have dedicated themselves to the team. Song Eun-beom also did not make unreasonable demands.

However, LG did not budge even after negotiating for more than three months beyond the contract expiration date of January 31. In the end토토사이트, Song Eun-beom made a decision that he could not postpone it any longer and signed a 10 million won cut.

LG’s 10 million won goal is interpreted as meaning that the management of the club will be transparent and fair.

LG adhered to a cool stance throughout the salary negotiations to protect the salary cap. Compensation was thorough for players who performed exceptionally well, but for players who did not, they reduced their salaries by any amount.

With the cuts he collected, he made a surplus in the salary cap. It is still the official position of LG that it is still intermittent. As there are players sacrificed for the salary cap, it can be interpreted that the 10 million won was pushed forward as it was calculated according to thorough calculations.

After leaving the spring camp, the LG club suddenly issued a press release. It was the contents of the contract agreement with 44 people excluding Song Eun-beom.

Usually, press releases come when there is no room for further negotiations. LG showed a strong attitude enough to issue a press release without Song Eun-beom.

After the press release, LG proposed renegotiation. And it was the first moment that showed the possibility of making an advanced plan.

However, the answer that came back a few days later was the same. It was that he could not sign a contract unless there was a cut.

It is known that Song Eun-beom, who is greedy for baseball more than anyone else, has come to the conclusion that postponing formal training is not helpful to him.

Song Eun-beom ended the contract with regret and LG club with regret. The long tug-of-war with a difference of 10 million won that lasted for three months came to an end with this.

Song Eun-beom said, “It was a difficult negotiation, but it is fortunate that a conclusion was reached. The club gave a lot of thought to the player’s position. It was tough for him, but I think he was taken care of by the club. I will do my best to help the team by focusing on training in the future.”

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