What is Park Hang-seo’s ‘best game’… 4 years ago today, the very game I lost

Director Park Hang-seo has parted ways with Vietnam. The five-year partnership has come to an end.

He was the history and mythology of Vietnam. After taking the helm of the Vietnamese national team in 2017, Vietnamese football began to change.

Starting with the 2018 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Championship runner-up, 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games semifinals, 2018 Suzuki Cup championship, 2019 UAE Asian Cup quarterfinals, 2019 SEA Games championship, 2022 The first achievements of Vietnamese football were achieved one after another, until advancing to the final Asian qualifying round for the Qatar World Cup.

Vietnam soon became known as Park Hang-seo, and Park Hang-seo left his name in history as the greatest director in Vietnamese history. He was also praised worldwide as a leader who changed the nature of Southeast Asian football beyond Vietnam.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) also looked back on the legacy left by coach Park. AFC described it as a ‘eternal legacy’.

AFC said on the 23rd (local time), “Coach Park resigned from Vietnam after 5 years. The Korean tactician raised Vietnamese football to a new level with his outstanding resourcefulness, brought Vietnam’s golden generation to the fore, and became a legend of the Southeast Asian nation. I got a status,” he explained.

Among the many matches Park led, the one that left a deep impression was the quarterfinals of the 2019 UAE Asian Cup. The Asian Cup is Asia’s World Cup, and it is a tournament in which the top A national team participates.

In the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup, which ended on January 25, 2019 Korean time, Vietnam faced Japan, one of the strongest in Asia, and played an equal game. The result was a 0-1 defeat of Violence. However, the media evaluated it as a match that Vietnam actually won. This game, which shook the championship candidate violently, further raised Park’s status. 토토사이트

After losing 0-1 at the time, coach Park said, “We came to the quarterfinals dramatically. Against Japan, I think our players really did their best. Even though we lost, the players fully showed the fighting spirit they wanted to do. As a manager, he I am satisfied with that part,” he said.

It was the moment Vietnam’s Asian Cup schedule ended. As director Park finished the press conference and was about to leave, ‘applause’ erupted. Applause continued until Park’s figure disappeared from the press conference. It was the last courtesy of the Vietnamese reporters for coach Park, who raised the status of Vietnamese football in the Asian Cup.

AFC analyzed, “Vietnam in the 2019 Asian Cup was the strongest Vietnam led by coach Park. It almost caught Japan. It was a decisive scene showing how much Vietnamese football has developed.”

Lastly, the AFC said, “In the last AFF Cup, we finished runner-up to Thailand. It was not a glorious finale. However, Coach Park was able to say goodbye to the team with his head held high. Vietnamese football and Vietnamese football fans will forever remember Coach Park as a legend. I will remember,” he wrote.

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