“We will reduce Son-Ke dependence” Tottenham interested in signing ‘Israel Ace’

Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Israeli national team player Manor Solomon.

He is a promising winger from Israel. He is 170cm tall and his physicality is not outstanding, but he uses his straight and fast speed to reveal his influence. He is also good at using his left foot, not his main foot, so he uses both feet freely when dribbling, and his footing is good, so he doesn’t lose the ball easily. Like Arjen Robben in the past, he is the type who enjoys digging into the midfield from the side and attempting powerful shooting.스포츠토토

After playing in his home league, he moved to Shakhtar Donetsk in 2019. In the first year of his transfer, he gained experience little by little, and from the 2020-21 season he leaped to the starting lineup. This season, he scored 11 goals and 1 assist in 34 matches, including cup competitions, and also showed his presence in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

And this season, he left on loan to Fulham. Due to Russia’s ‘invasion’ of Ukraine, the International Football Federation (FIFA) established special rules for Ukrainian league players, and Fulham succeeded in having him in the form of a ‘one-year lease’.

Early life at Fulham was difficult. He played in the opening game against Liverpool, but was placed on the long-term absence list due to a knee injury from the second round against Wolverhampton Wanderers. Solomon, who was so devoted to his rehabilitation, played a comeback match against Chelsea in January and has been showing up steadily since the match against Tottenham.

He even showed off his abilities. He also solidified his position by running the scorer in four consecutive matches, from Nottingham Forest to Brentford. However, after that, it fell into sluggishness again, and in the second half, it was reduced to a substitute resource for the second half.

Nevertheless, his ability has been recognized and he is attracting attention from several clubs. Tottenham is a prime example. British media ‘The Athletic’ said, “FIFA is expected to give Solomon the right to leave Shakhtar at the end of this season. So Tottenham are interested in signing him.”

The British media ‘Yardbreaker’ also covered the same news. The media said, “Solomon showed good form at Fulham and is a talent that can add something to the Tottenham squad. Tottenham need to change their attack. It can help reduce dependence on

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