‘We’ are number 1 in the home crowd! The secret to making Jangchung Gymnasium hot again

Jangchung is heating up.

In the season when the cheers of the crowd returned to the volleyball court, Woori Card Woori One stood out by far. Dodram 2022-2023 season home average attendance of 2422 (as of the 16th), recording the highest number of spectators among the 7 men’s volleyball clubs.

Since its founding as Woori Capital in 2008, it has unfortunately spent its best heyday in the Corona season. It ran first in the regular season in the 2019-2020 season, but the season was forced to end in the aftermath of the corona, and it was unable to win the title of ‘winning team’. In the 2020-2021 season, which took second place in the regular season, it was unfortunately unable to surpass Korean Air with 2 wins and 3 losses in the championship match, and last season, which ranked third, ended the season by collapsing to KEPCO in the semi-playoff.

After Shin Young-cheol took over as head coach, large-scale trades were repeated, and the team was renewed except for star Na Gyeong-bok. However, it succeeded in attracting the attention of volleyball fans with steady performance in the Corona era, and caught the fan heart with active marketing that is one step closer this season.

The most popular is the special seat named after the player. Currently, at Jangchung Gymnasium, there are ‘Na Gyeong-bok zone’, ‘Hwang Seung-bin zone’, and ‘Kim Ji-han zone’ whenever Woori Card plays.

According to the club, these seats are not preferred, where occupancy was only about 60% in the past. However, Woori Card provided a comfortable environment by installing a box table, and increased support from fans by providing skinship with the players. 온라인바카라

Fans of the Na Gyeong-bok Zone will receive special prizes whenever Na Kyung-bok’s sub-ace hits, and they can take a group photo with Na Gyeong-bok in the event of a victory. In addition, the coffee shop on the 2nd floor is selling Na Gyeong-bok’s goods, ticket discount coupons, and the ‘Na Gyeong-bok set’, which is a bundle of autographed photo cards.

The benefits of Kim Ji-han and Hwang Seung-bin are also special. Depending on the number of site visits, you can receive a photo card with the player’s autograph, and if you win the game, you can have a one-on-one photo time with the player, which is very popular.

The use of premium membership, which bundles season tickets with parking tickets and fixed seating, is also impressive. The club did not hide their pride, saying, “It is a super-high-priced product worth 2 million won, but it was sold out in 5 minutes after the sale started.” The existing membership (Basic), which includes advance reservations and uniform provision, also achieved first place in sales for the men’s team.

In addition, the Internet biased broadcasting conducted by Kim Si-hoon, a former volleyball player from Woori Card, also plays an important role in reducing the distance with fans. Events such as providing high-five opportunities with players to fans visiting the site are also being held steadily.

Above all, the popularity of Kim Ji-han, who has emerged as a young star of the team even though he has not yet established himself as a starting player, is explosive. Along with Lim Dong-hyuk (Korean Air) and Lim Seong-jin (Korea Electric Power), he is attracting attention as a star who will lead the recovery of professional volleyball popularity.

In an interview with Sports Chosun, Kim Ji-han said, “I definitely feel the popularity that has changed these days. I think winning the Rising Star Award while getting many opportunities to participate in the cup competition was the trigger. I also did a magazine pictorial for the first time in my life. Recently, Jeju Island I even exchanged greetings with fans from Geoje and Suncheon who came to support me.” Then, he gave credit to the club, saying, “Thanks to Woori Card’s efforts to show me through fun content on social media and even making a seat named after my name.”

He emphasized, “It’s cold these days, but there are fans waiting to see me. I always feel apologetic for not being able to provide fan service to all fans.”

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