Victims declare legal action… Lee Da Young says “ME TOO”, Kim Yeon Kyung’s side “Official position before the season

Volleyball player Lee Da-young (Bolero Le Carne), who has been in the center of controversy since being named as a perpetrator of school violence, has posted another sniper message on social media.

On the 15th (Korean time), Lee posted a photo with the phrase ‘ME TOO’ on her personal social media account, saying, “I waited until the last minute for a sincere apology and reflection, but now there is no bridge to go back,” and tagging the Korea Sports Ethics Center and the National Human Rights Commission.

Earlier, Lee filed a complaint with the Korea Volleyball Organization’s (KOVO) Athlete Grievance Center, alleging discord, workplace bullying, and sexual harassment, along with multiple sniping remarks against Kim, but did not provide conclusive evidence or specific testimony.

The KOVO has reportedly said that it is difficult to investigate Lee’s complaint due to insufficient evidence.

In this situation, the victims of bullying by the twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young had announced their legal response through their legal representatives on the 14th, a day earlier.

The law firm Ongil Entertainment Law Center, which was in charge of defending the victims, said in a media report, “The case in which Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young sued the victims for ‘false and untimely defamation’ was decided by the police to be non-remanded, and although the players appealed the decision, it was terminated by the prosecutor’s non-prosecution.” “It was objectively confirmed that the school violence against the victims by Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young was true,” the law firm said.

The Ongil Entertainment Law Center said, “The victims were not willing to settle at first, but since the sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young offered to settle first, they thought they could receive a sincere apology. Since the players’ side proposed a settlement first, we hope to settle at the level of 50 million won through discussions.” According to our research, some of the victims have expressed their intention to donate the settlement money instead of using it personally.

However, according to the law firm, sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young have expressed that they cannot settle with the victims as they are the ones who were defamed. The settlement offered by the sisters was only 3 million won.

The victims also provided concrete testimonies to refute Lee’s claim that “Lee Jae-young had nothing to do with school violence,” which she made at a press conference just before leaving for France.

One of the victims said, “After the workout, if there was a player she didn’t like or if she couldn’t answer her questions, she would pinch her stomach to the point of bruising, saying, ‘Don’t answer me, do your exercises correctly,’ or ‘Are you in the X period?’ If she cried and said it hurt and asked him to stop, he said, ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it,’ and pinched her harder,” she testified.

The legal counsel disclosed its judgment on the falsehoods in the no-prosecution motion in the “Violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (Defamation) Case” filed by sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young against the victims. The police and prosecutors decided that it was difficult to recognize that the posts by the victims, who testified that Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young had assaulted them and forced them to use abusive language, were false.온라인카지노

However, Lee did not express a position or provide a clear explanation about the perpetration of school violence and the legal response of the victims.

In this situation, Kim Yeon-kyung’s side has once again announced that it will discuss with the players before the season starts, summarize the final situation, and issue an official position. It is expected to make a statement as early as early October.

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