“Tottenham, recruit Maguire for 65.6 billion!… Guess the national team with Dyer!” Legend from Tottenham

“Tottenham should recruit Maguire and create a combination with Dyer”.

The Tottenham Legends have come up with the last word. Mae Goe-Ieo delivered the news to promote recruitment.토토사이트

Metro reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Tottenham legend Dawson urged Tottenham to pay 40 million pounds (65.6 billion won) to recruit Maguire.”

Dawson played for Tottenham from 2005 to 2014. Doss, who was active as captain, also led the League Cup championship in the 2007-2008 season.

“There will be a lot of people looking for Maguire,” Dawson claimed. “I would take him to Tottenham tomorrow. I think the big clubs will sign him for £40m.”

Maguire, who has been criticized for his lack of skills and performance at Manchester United, is expected to leave the team. Maguire received £80 million (130.9 billion won) in 2019.

Manchester United is also preparing to say goodbye to him. In particular, they are actively pushing for Kim Min-jae (Napoli), so Maguire’s position next season is expected to narrow further.

Maguire is also known to be attracting the attention of Serie A powerhouses and several Premier League teams.

If Maguire wears a Tottenham uniform, he and Dyer will have one pot meal.

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