Tottenham need more money… Brighton wants ‘37.7 billion won’

Brighton & Hove Albion want at least £25 million (approximately 37.7 billion won) for Leandro Trosar (29).

Trosar, who joined Brighton from the 2019/2020 season and is digesting the English Premier League, proved his skills with 8 goals and 3 assists last season and 7 goals and 3 assists this season.

Tottenham need to strengthen their attack due to Son Heung-min’s sluggish performance. Trossar is a versatile card that can play both as a striker and wide, which Tottenham strongly desire. As Tottenham’s interest is known and Trossar is surrounded by rumors of discord with Brighton’s manager and colleagues, the transfer is getting closer. 온라인바카라

Tottenham offered 12 million pounds (approximately 18.1 billion won) for Trosar. Brighton, of course, refused without hesitation. Trosar is hurting the atmosphere with discord, but he is determined to get the price as his skills are certain. The contract period expires next summer, so now is the only time to raise the transfer fee.

British media ‘TalkSport’ also said, “Brighton are currently waiting for an offer for Trosar, who has publicly fought with manager Roberto De Gerbi.” Trosar, who was expelled from training, will never sell cheap. I will endure to receive the transfer fee,” he emphasized.

I want twice the amount Tottenham offered. Tottenham is also in a situation where the fire has fallen due to the sluggish attacking team, so if you want to embrace Trossar, you must definitely pay more transfer fees. Trossar’s transfer is determined by how much Tottenham spends.

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