Tottenham, again from Chelsea… “Sari is likely to succeed Conte”

 Now, there are more talks about the successor manager than renewing the contract.

The Italian media’Il Mesazero’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Tottenham are considering a replacement for manager Antonio Conte. The front runner among candidates to succeed manager Conte is Mauricio Sarri.”

Sarri is currently the manager of Lazio. I have a close relationship with coach Conte. In the 2018-19 season, he had experience as the head coach in place of the sacked Conte at Chelsea.

At the time, Sarri led Chelsea to third in the Premier League and won the Europa League, but was not well-received. After that, he has been in charge of Lazio since 2021 through Juventus.

Sari’s strength is his wealth of experience. Since 1990, he has continued his leadership career as the manager of over 20 teams. 먹튀검증

If Tottenham appoint Sarri as manager, it will be the third time since 2019 that a former Chelsea manager has been appointed as manager, after José Mourinho and Conte.

In the UK, the possibility of renewing the contract between Tottenham and coach Conte is low. Tottenham’s contract with manager Conte ends in June this year. Tottenham have an option to extend his existing contract for another year, but have decided not to exercise it.

In the 4 matches played after the season resumed, Tottenham only scored 7 points. If the ranking is 5th in the Premier League, it will be difficult to advance to the UEFA Champions League next season.

Fan opinion is increasingly turning against Conte. Fights between manager Conte and Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy have also intensified.

There were no open conflicts, but we have been bumping into each other over the recruitment of players. In the transfer market, Conte continued to demand aggressive investment from the club.

It was not satisfied with the massive power reinforcement last summer. During the season, he openly attacked the Tottenham club’s leadership several times through press conferences.

Chairman Levy gained confidence in coach Conte when his performance did not compare to the money he spent. In the end, he tries to part ways with manager Conte by not signing an extended contract.

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