“Tomiyasu, why haven’t you backpassed for 7 years?” Arteta’s ‘Sigh’

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta mentioned Takehiro Tomiyasu’s mistake.

Arsenal lost 1-3 in the English Premier League (EPL) Round 12 home game held at Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 16th. Arsenal, who had been leading the league for a long time, lost the lead to Manchester City on goal difference.

Arsenal’s Japanese defender스포츠토토 Tomiyasu started as a right fullback after 10 league games. However, he failed to repay Arteta’s trust. He made the fatal mistake of providing an excuse for the opening goal.

In the 24th minute of the first half, when an aerial ball came to him, Domiyas made a back pass to goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale, conscious of Jack Grealish coming under pressure from behind. However, Kevin De Bruyne, who was watching this, quickly intercepted the shot and scored. Arsenal had been leading the flow of the game before, so the mistake was even more painful.

On the same day, according to Arsenal’s official website, coach Arteta replied, “I’m not sure whether it’s experience or misfortune” to the question, “Did Manchester City’s experience affect the game?” He went on to refer to Tomiyasu as saying, “I haven’t seen Tomiyasu do a back pass in seven years, and I did today. But that’s just part of the game.”

When asked about Tomiyasu’s current situation, he said around the crowd, “Every player is disappointed. I could have done better today, but I got a different result.”

When asked why Domiyas was selected instead of Ben White, he cited the victory over Liverpool in October last year as an example.

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