Today, Oh Lele is missing, Jeonju Seong SS scene where only “I can do it, Incheon”

It was not the atmosphere of the home stadium.

Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the afternoon of the 9th, when Jeonbuk Hyundai and Incheon United played Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 6.

Recently, Jeonbuk supporters demanding the resignation of manager Kim Sang-sik and CEO Heo Byung-gil boycotted their support. As in the last game, the usual cheering song was missing. It was the same even after Amano Jun’s opening goal came in the 12th minute of the second half. Instinctive cheers erupted, but when Jeonbuk scored a goal, ‘O’orele’ was not properly performed. The announcer in the hall urged them to stand up and cheer together, but only an awkward air flowed. Rather, he shouted a slogan to the two of them to step back. Even after the extra goal was scored in the 43rd minute of the second half, supporters put up protest banners.

At least in the second half, when an offensive situation occurred, 온라인바카라they cheered or clapped, and when the players induced cheering, the fans responded, but there was no organized support from the supporters.

The supporters did not cheer, so the Jeonbuk team played a cheering song through an amplifier. It was like a time when we couldn’t cheer due to COVID-19. Indignant at this, the supporters shouted slogans to turn off the amplifiers and hung banners containing profanities.

I couldn’t hear the Jeonbuk cheering song, but the voices of the away team’s Incheon supporters resonated clearly. In particular, the slogan “I can do it, Incheon” that Incheon supporters often carry out filled Jeonju Castle more vigorously than ever. In the middle of the second half, when the players lost their concentration, they shouted “Come to your senses, Incheon” and tried to awaken them.

Jeonbuk was originally called the tomb of away teams. The enthusiastic support and cheers of the supporters, and the power of the crowd that filled the stadium were the best weapons the Jeonbuk players had. This day was different. It was difficult to tell whether this was Jeonju Castle or Incheon’s home stadium just by listening to the sound.

Unlike the last game, Jeonbuk caught the result of victory. However, the conflict between the fans and the club was not resolved. Before the game, coach Kim said, “I am preparing with the thought that it will be the last. While accepting the criticism, he is working hard to rebound. He has nowhere else to go back. There seems to be a lack of communication with fans. If I appeal with good performance, I think the problem will be solved naturally. I will discuss with the club and show a closer look,” he reflected, but the atmosphere did not change much.

It was a game that confirmed the gloomy current address of Jeonbuk, the best team in the K-League.

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