Tiger coach’s ‘mild taste’ lecture… What changes will bring to Kiwoom’s field team?

 “I thought that my guidance method was wrong.”

Coach Chae Jong-guk (48) returned to Kiwoom Heroes. After serving as Nexen (now Kiwoom)’s Futures League defensive coach for four seasons from 2012 to 2016, he is returning after 7 years. From the 2023 season, he will take over as the first team defensive coach and coach the players.

Coach Chae has been called the ‘tiger coach’ for a long time. As a defensive coach, he showed off strong charisma and coached the players vigorously. The recruitment of coach Chae suits the team situation. Kiwoom is dominated by young players, and there were many ups and downs in defense last year. With 118 errors, he tied for third in the league and failed to show a sense of stability. Coach Chae is the best card to deliver a strong message to the young squad along with stable defense.

For this reason, many fans are expecting that the recruitment of coach Chae will make the infield stronger. However, Coach Chae’s teaching method will change somewhat. He used to be a tiger coach, but now he tries to bring out his soft side. 토토사이트

Coach Chae recently told Spotify News, “In the past, when I was training with young players, there were a lot of things that were a little forceful and dragging me along. But last year, when I was coaching Deputy High School, I thought that my guidance method was wrong. I learned a lot while coaching a high school. . I’m trying to change the atmosphere. I think the team will change only if I change.”

“Kiwoom members, such as the front desk and coaching staff, know my tendencies. I believe that the players will move accordingly even if I don’t do it like a tiger. B) I am contemplating and preparing,” he added.

Specifically, coach Chae suggested a training direction that the players could accept and set the direction of guidance to take care of the team’s mental health.

Coach Chae said, “The first philosophy I have is that ‘the weakest part is training, but there is no other way’. However, as a result, the coach has to help the player from the side to do well. While practicing a lot, I teach in a way that the player can understand. “You have to approach. There are also a lot of young players on the team. I learned a lot about mental care from players last year. If you approach it in that direction, I think the players will become a little stronger.”

In addition to stabilizing the defense by recruiting coach Chae, Kiwoom is also focusing on nurturing promising players such as Shin Jun-woo (22), Park Ju-hong (22), Kim Hui-jip (21), and Park Chan-hyuk (20). Knowing this well, the coach, as a defensive expert, will guide young players with all their heart and soul so that they can fully demonstrate their abilities on defense.

Returning to Kiwoom after a long time, the coach has already started systematic preparation for the next season. I wonder what kind of change the tiger coach’s mild taste lecture will bring to Kiwoom’s infield.

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