The unanimous vote that even Jeter missed by a margin of one vote, is it possible with Ichiro?

Derek Jeter also missed. Ichiro Suzuki (49) challenges the unanimous Hall of Fame induction given to only one person in history.

On the 26th (Korean time), the American sports media ‘ESPN’ mentioned candidates to be in the Hall of Fame from 2024 to 2027, and predicted that Ichiro, who is eligible for the nomination in 2025, will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The media expected, “It would not be surprising if it received unanimity.”

Ichiro started his playing career in 1991 by joining the Orix Blue Aves of Japan Professional Baseball. He dominated the Japanese stage until 2000, and crossed the Pacific Ocean the following year by signing a contract with the major league Seattle Mariners. He then went through the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins before returning to Seattle in 2018 and retiring the following year.

From his first year in the big leagues, Ichiro made his presence known. He won the American League Rookie of the Year and MVP at the same time, and from 2001 to 2010, he won the Gold Glove in the outfield category every year. He won the American League batting title in 2001 and 2004, and the American League Silver Slugger in the outfield in 2001, 2007, and 2009. He recorded 3089 hits, 117 home runs, a batting average of 0.311 and an OPS of 0.757 in 2653 career games.

The media said, “Ichiro is overrated despite having 3089 hits in his career. He recorded a bWAR of 60.0, which is the lowest among players voted by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) in the past 25 years. He also has few home runs or walks. His 107 OPS+ is also the lowest of any outfielder since 1947,” he said. “Ichiro spent seven seasons in Japan, but led the big leagues in hits seven times. He also holds the record for most hits in a single season (262). He was an excellent runner and never made a mistake on the field,” praising Ichiro’s achievements.온라인카지노

If Ichiro is unanimously inducted into the Hall of Fame, he would be the second instance ever. In 2019, pitcher Mariano Rivera received all 425 votes in the Hall of Fame vote, becoming the first unanimous mythical hero in history. In 2021, Derek Jeter also received 396 of 397 votes, missing unanimity by one vote.

Even if it’s not unanimous, Ichiro’s entry into the Hall of Fame makes a mark in Asian baseball history. So far, no Asian players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. I wonder if Ichiro will be able to rise to the Hall of Fame by unanimous decision at the same time as the first Asian title in 2025.

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