‘The traitor of the ATM who wants to go to Barça’… Will you become an attacking partner with Lee Kang-in? The former Barça manager wants

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) wants a ‘controversial striker’ that is heating up Europe.

The main character is Joao Felix, who is from the Portuguese national team and is called ‘the second Cristiano Ronaldo’. He is now being driven as a ‘rebel’ by Atletico Madrid (ATM).

Felix’s original team is ATM. He moved on loan to Chelsea in the transfer window last winter. The lease period is over, and it is time for him to return to the ATM. But Felix does not want to return to the ATM. The decisive reason is the feud with manager Diego Simeone. Local media reported that the relationship between the two had come to an end.

Felix considered staying in England. Manchester United, Newcastle and Aston Villa have shown interest. However, they recently changed their stance at the suggestion of a new team. He returned to Spain. But it’s not ATM, it’s Barcelona.

Local media reported that Barcelona and ATM are discussing the transfer of Felix. Felix recorded a transfer fee of 111 million pounds (185 billion won) when he transferred from Benfica to ATM in 2019. ATMs cannot sell Felix on the cheap. Therefore, it is expected that a loan to Barcelona is likely.

You can transfer to Barcelona as an ATM player. However, Felix made a ‘bombing remark’ that angered the ATM. ATM and Barcelona are major rivals in La Liga.

Felix didn’t care: “I want to play for Barcelona. Barcelona has always been my first choice. I want Barcelona to be my next club. Barcelona has always been my dream club since I was a kid. If this comes true, my dream will come true.”

A huge aftershock ensued. ATM officials and fans were outraged. Spain’s ‘Marca’ strongly criticized it, saying it was “unprofessional and rude.” Some ATM fans damaged the plaque with Felix’s face on it hanging in the home stadium. ATM fans erased Felix’s name and wrote ‘Go to Barcelona!’

In the current situation where this aftermath does not subside, PSG is aiming for Felix. At the center is former Barcelona manager Luis Enrique, who achieved a ‘treble’ in Barcelona.

PSG currently have a lot of trouble with their striker. The future of leading striker Kylian Mbappe and Neymar is uncertain. Mbappe is in discord, and Neymar, who has announced that he will stay at PSG, still does not know what will happen. PSG can’t just wait. We need to find a replacement striker, and one of those candidates is Felix.

France’s ‘Le10sport’ reported, “PSG is looking for a new striker. Manager Enrique wants to sign Felix. He thinks it’s a better opportunity because Felix and ATM are going through trials. PSG is closely monitoring the situation of ATM and Felix. Manager Enrique is taking advantage of this confusion to try to get Felix.”

The media added, “It is highly likely, because Felix’s agent is Jorge Mendes. Mendes is very close to PSG general manager Luis Campos. Some managers may not want to sign Felix with this image, but Enrique does.”온라인바카라

If Felix comes to PSG, he can match the attacking combination with Lee Kang-in. 23-year-old Felix is ​​the same age as 22-year-old Lee Kang-in. It could also create a synergistic effect that could lead PSG’s future attack. Also, when Lee Kang-in was in full swing at the ATM transfer rumors, local media evaluated Lee Kang-in as a substitute for Felix. If this is a relationship, it is a relationship.

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