The storm recruitment plan has already begun, Guardiola, who took four…an early start to recruit

Manchester City, which is walking toward Travel (three gold medals), seems to be preparing to recruit in the summer transfer market.먹튀검증

The British popular newspaper “Mirror” quoted an exclusive source on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Man City coach Pep Guardiola and general manager Cheeky Begiristein have made a list of summer transfer markets together.”

Manchester City has a stable power, but the position of Eimeric Laporte, Bernardu Silva and Ilkay Gündoan in the summer transfer market is flexible. In particular, in the case of Guendoan, his mind is on and off between staying and transferring.

The media said, ‘Man City will compete with Liverpool for the recruitment of Alexis Mac Alister (Brighton Hove Albion). Liverpool and Brighton are known to have agreed to a contract with each other, but there is a possibility that things will be different for Manchester City,’ he said, expecting a fierce recruitment match to continue.

It is also known to be on the recruitment list written by manager Mac Alister Guardiola and general manager Begiristine. The source added, “In addition to Mac Alister, the list includes Juliso Ensiso (Brighton Hove Albion), Yoshko Gvardiol (Leipzig), and Joshua Kimich (Bayern Munich).”

▲ What is Pep Guardiola’s plan for next season in his head. ⓒYonhap News Agency/REUTERS/AP

▲ What is Pep Guardiola’s plan for next season in his head. ⓒYonhap News Agency/REUTERS/AP

Above all, Guardiola’s will is to stabilize his power by recruiting quickly when the summer transfer market opens in July. Guardiola’s idea seems to be that late recruitment could harm organizational strength.

However, it is unclear whether Brighton will easily give up Mac Alister. Mac Alister’s ransom has risen to 70 million pounds (W114.4 billion). In addition to Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea also strongly want Mac Alister, so it is not strange that the transfer fee fluctuates.

For this reason, 20 million euros (28.4 billion won) in prize money for winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) has also become important. Even if it’s not Mac Alister, it’s enough for a player with a similar level of ransom transfer.

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