The price tag of ‘the greatest eating and running’ is only 50 billion… Chelsea, prepared for the worst loss

 Chelsea will suffer the worst loss with Romelo Lukaku (29).

Lukaku wore an Inter Milan uniform in토토사이트 the 2019-20 season after going through Chelsea, Everton and Manchester United. Lukaku scored 46 league goals over two seasons and led the team to the championship in 2020-21. His strengths, physical and fast speed, were properly expressed.

Chelsea re-signed Lukaku the following season. The transfer fee is 97.5 million pounds (approximately 150 billion won). At the time, it was the highest transfer fee in Chelsea’s history. However, contrary to Chelsea’s expectations, Lukaku continued to be sluggish and only scored 8 league goals in the 2022-23 season. His sluggish performance and several interviews caused controversy and received strong criticism from fans.

Lukaku left for Inter Milan on a one-year loan ahead of this season. His poor performance at Inter Milan also continued. Lukaku scored just three goals in 15 league appearances. In the end, Inter Milan decided to send Lukaku back at the end of this season because they did not insert a full transfer clause in the loan.

Even if he returns to Chelsea, there is no place for Lukaku. Chelsea had attacking resources such as Joao Feliz (on loan) and Mihailo Mudrik last winter. Despite the lack of frontline striker resources, they do not want Lukaku. Recently, it has been reported that Aston Villa are considering signing Lukaku.

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