The Messi uniform is less than 100 million won?…The reason is ‘Chinese marking’

 Lionel Messi’s (Paris Saint-Germain) jersey was sold at a fairly low price. Why?

Football article media ‘Footty Headlines’ reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Argentina’s superstar Messi’s jersey was sold at auction for 스포츠토토$59,573 (approximately 74.5 million won).”

The uniform was worn by Messi himself in the match against Stade Reims on January 29th. However, the price is very cheap compared to what Messi wears. It’s not even 100 million won.

There was a reason. Because it was written in Chinese. ‘Footty Headlines’ said, “Messi’s name is engraved in Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year,” and “Unfortunately, Messi, who played in this uniform, scored a 1-1 draw.”

Some of the proceeds were reportedly given to charity through PSG. The media said, “It is not surprising that the Chinese bought it. Also, there is no Messi autograph on this jersey.”

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