The ‘Maguire transfer rumor’ is false… The reason for going to the villa was not ‘contract negotiations’ but ‘golf’

The recently heated Harry Maguire transfer rumor turned out to be false. Local media reported that the reason he went to the Aston Villa training ground was to enjoy golf, not transfer negotiations.

Maguire is having a hard time. Unlike joining Manchester United in the 2019-20 season, where he has been the starting pitcher every season, this season he has more time to keep the bench. Maguire’s position narrowed when coach Eric Ten Hag recruited the militant centre-back Lisandro Martinez, and his competitiveness further diminished as he himself withdrew from his power due to injuries.

There have been rumors of a transfer recently. First of all, because Maguire has proven himself to be still a decent player. He showed good form at the World Cup in Qatar, which started with concerns, and led his country England to the quarterfinals. 토토사이트

He even made an appearance near the Villa training ground. Maguire was photographed with his agent at a restaurant in Birmingham over the weekend. Birmingham is home to Villa, and Maguire’s restaurant was close to Villa’s training ground at Bodymoor Heath. Some even predicted that Maguire would transfer to Villa in the winter.

But this was false. Manchester’s local newspaper ‘Manchester Evening News’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Man United ridiculed Maguire’s transfer rumors. Maguire is linked to Villa, but is expected to stay at Manchester United even after the transfer window closes.” did.

Both Manchester United sources and Maguire’s close associates denied the rumors of Maguire’s transfer. British reporter Alex Crook said: “I think Maguire will stay. United are still in four competitions. Maguire is still in their plans and few clubs can afford him.” said. Laura Woods of the same media also added, “I talked to Maguire’s aide, and they said that was absolutely not true.”

Reporter Samuel Luckhurst, who is familiar with Manchester United news, also gave a negative opinion to the transfer rumor, saying, “Man United laughed off speculation about Maguire. Maguire is known to have gone to the area to play golf.”

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