“The goal is to grow as a backup catcher?” Coach Kim Jung-min has a bigger homework

Hanwha jumped into the race to recruit Yang Eui-ji, the best catcher in Korea, in the last Stove League.

Yang Eui-ji finally chose Doosan and failed, but he was active enough to offer a large amount comparable to Doosan’s (15.2 billion won).

Even though Choi Jae-hoon, the main catcher, was firmly established, the will to reinforce the first catcher was strong.

Although Yang Eui-ji failed to recruit, he made up for his disappointment by recruiting battery coach Kim Jung-min. Coach Kim has been a player and coach at LG for 30 years and is recognized as a high-level coach.

Coach Kim said through the club on the 10th, “Because catcher is a really important position where one mistake leads to a goal, the training intensity is high and the amount is inevitable.” I tend to try to smile more.”

He added, “The catcher is a position that requires communication with not only the pitcher but also all the fielders.”

Coach Kim Jung-min learned a lot from training with Hanwha catchers. He was particularly acutely aware of the wide gap between the starting and backing players.

Coach Kim explained, “There is no problem with our starting catcher Choi Jae-hoon, but we can become a strong team only when our backup players grow and close the gap. My goal is also to develop young catchers.”

“Of course, it won’t happen in a short period of time. Catcher takes a lot of time because it is a position where a single mistake not only 토토사이트leads to a run but also affects the balance of the team,” he said. I want to,” he said.

However, coach Kim’s attention cannot be focused on the backup catchers. The number 1 catcher, Choi Jae-hoon, should also grow without regression.

Again, Hanwha is the team that tried to recruit Yang Eui-ji. It can be said that the team has a thirst for first catcher.

This shows that Choi Jae-hoon failed to capture the hearts of the club and the high-ranking coaching staff.

For coach Kim, it can be said that another mission is to make Choi Jae-hoon move forward without stepping back.

Coach Kim showed his will to put more effort into the young players, but prior to that, not letting Choi Jae-hoon regress should be an important goal. Only then can a path be created to heal the scars in the team suffered from the failure to recruit Yang Eui-ji.

The reality of Hanwha is that it has a catcher that is far behind Choi Jae-hoon. For this reason, Coach Kim seems to have expressed his intention to focus on them.

However, the first target should always be the first catcher. Raising Choi Jae-hoon’s skills is also an important task given to Coach Kim.

It remains to be seen whether Coach Kim will be able to properly create the first catcher who will be on par with any team.

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