The changed NC infield… Park Min-woo, who has grown in responsibility, “I will focus”

Pro baseball NC Dinos lost power last winter as key infielders left one after another.

Noh Jin-hyeok, who was active as a shortstop and third baseman, moved to the Lotte Giants, and Yang Eui-ji, who was the main catcher, also wore a Doosan Bears uniform, leaving a gap.

The vacancy is filled by new faces. The new main catcher is Park Se-hyeok, who joined as a free agent (FA), and the main shortstop is Kim Joo-won, who was active as a backup.

First baseman Oh Young-soo, who was a vulnerable position, and third baseman Park Seok-min, a veteran who was excluded from the team due to an unfortunate incident, take over.

The only infield position that has not changed is second baseman. After finishing last season, starting player Park Min-woo signed a super-large free agency contract with up to 14 billion won for 8 years (5+3 years), the longest contract period ever, and stayed with his parent team.

Park Min-woo feels a great sense of responsibility.

On the 18th (Korean time), he met with reporters after finishing the spring camp training held at the High Corbett Field Auxiliary Stadium in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and said, “People around me evaluate that the infield power has weakened.” He grinded his teeth.

He said, “Senior Park Seok-min is a proven infielder and is training harder than anyone else. Kim Joo-won and Oh Young-soo are juniors with good skills.” I will,” he promised.

Park Min-woo, who made a name for himself as the best hitter in the KBO league, suffered a slump after being punished for violating the quarantine rules against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in 2021.

Even after returning in May of last year, he could not shake off the burden.

Due to the pressure to perform well ahead of his free agency qualification, he performed poorly with a batting average of 0.267, 4 homers and 38 RBIs.

Park Min-woo said, “It was a disappointing season,” and expressed his determination, saying, “Still, I was able to sign a good FA contract and feel free. I will revive now that the pressure is relieved.”

Park Min-woo is concentrating on batting and running base training in spring camp.

He said, “It is my duty to go on base as many times as before and give vitality to the other line.”

Park Min-woo has the experience of successfully stealing 50 and 46 bases in the 2014 season and 2015 season, respectively.

After that, he cut back on stealing attempts to focus on hitting.

However, he stole 21 bases last season and reached the 20-base mark for the first time in six years after the 2016 season.

Park Min-woo said, “Last year, it was a pace that could achieve up to 30 stolen bases,” and “I want to play baseball that runs well and hits 카지노well in the new season.”

Park Min-woo also expressed his desire to remain as a franchise star by filling out his 8-year contract.

He said, “Changwon is my second hometown,” and said, “I will become a representative player of NC by achieving all FA contract options.”

Park Min-woo signed an 8-year contract, but the double guarantee contract period is 5 years (up to 9 billion won). He can receive up to 5 billion won during the three-year option contract period when he subsequently executes the contract details.

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