The caddy who led the championship for two consecutive years… “Broadcast room with good character, will grow more in the future”

Jung Yoon-ji in 2022, Bang Shin-sil in 2023.

In the E1 Charity Open, there is no player who has won two victories or two consecutive losses. Although the competition has been held for 11 years, there were 11 winners. However, a caddy who won two years in a row was born. Caddy Jin Seong-yong, who carried the bag for Bang Shin-sil (19) this year, lifted the championship trophy together with Jung Yoon-ji (23) last year after the 5th game.안전놀이터

Jin worked with Bang Shin-sil for the first time in this competition. He is known in the golf world as a caddy with a lot of bones. Representatively, he also carried An Songi and Jang Hana’s bag, and last year, he took on Jeong Yoon-ji and led him to his first victory.

Bangshinsil, which has a conditional seed, has not hired a professional caddy so far. However, desperate to win, he contacted Jin while looking for a professional caddy as each tournament was a valuable opportunity.

“(Bang) Sinsil’s father called right before the tournament. I roughly counted it, and he asked if Shinsil could take care of it as well, since he can play alongside other players. I said I would take it. Just in case things go wrong, Sinsil will have to leave without a caddy.”

There is also a relationship between Bang Sin-sil and Jin that he did not know about. Bang Shin-sil is a class of 23 at Sungkyunkwan University. Mr. Jin is also a class of 94 in the same school and department as Bang Shin-sil. In other words, he is a direct senior and junior at the university. That is why the room for the chamberlain respects Mr. Jin.

Bang Shin-sil, who is teeing off in the crowd, and Jin Seong-yong’s caddy, who is watching from the side.

Mr. Jin laughed, saying, “When giving a club or ball, he gave it with both hands. People thought it was strange, so I told him not to do that. However, Shin-sil rather said, ‘Since I learned this from my father, you can feel comfortable.'”

The biggest contribution Jin made to Bang Shin-sil, who had a chance to win, was mental care. Bang Shin-sil, who had already missed the chance to win twice, felt uneasy ahead of the final round. In a way, it is natural for a player who has a chance to win to feel anxious.

Mr. Jin said, “Since I was the lead in the first or second rounds, I may have doubts about whether I can really win, and I can imagine how great it would be if I won. What I did was, ‘Don’t think about anything, don’t worry, trust your uncle and think about one hole, one hole.’ But I was more calm on the course than I thought.”

He added, “It wasn’t until after I hit the second shot of the last hole that I asked, ‘My heart feels like it’s going to explode. Did other sisters do this too?’ .

Jin, who served as caddy when Yunji Jeong won the E1 Charity Open in 2022. Photo = Jin Seong-yong’s Instagram.

Meeting Bang Shin-sil was a good turning point for Jin as well. Mr. Jin said, “I thought about quitting my caddy because things weren’t going well at the beginning of this year. Then I met Sin-sil. After the first round, my wife called me. She said that it was the first time I had laughed on the course this year. I did caddy because it was fun,” he said.

He said, “Bang Shin-sil is a very kind and polite player. When the opportunity came, I thought that maybe it was because of his good heart that he didn’t catch it when the opportunity came.” I’m good at it, so why didn’t I win?’ I wanted to. Distance isn’t everything, but she’s really cool among the female players I’ve seen.”

She said, “After winning, Shin-sil called me again. Thank you. So, ‘It’s like we haven’t seen each other again. What’s wrong? We’ll see you next time.’ I said, “Will you keep taking care of me as my caddy?” He said, “Of course. We’ll go together this year. Then he said thank you again. Actually, I’m more grateful to Shinsil.”

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