‘The best wedding gift’ Kim Si-woo “Thank you for walking with Ji Hyun-ah”

The sweetness of the newlyweds continued to the competition. ‘New groom’ Kim Si-woo (28) won the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Sony Open, which ended at Waialei Country Club (par 70) in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA on the 16th.

Siwoo Kim debuted in 2016 with a PGA Tour card. Kim Si-woo, who won the Wyndham Championship in August of that year, also had a successful debut season by tying for 10th at the final Tour Championship. In 2017, he also won the ‘Fifth Major’ Players Championship and made his name known to the world.

However, Kim Si-woo suffered a period of stagnation after the Players Championship. He went three seasons without a championship. Kim Si-woo said, “First and second wins came when I was a rookie. I was more fortunate than I thought. It seems that it caught my ankle and put pressure on myself. I was mistaken that I was a better player,” he said.

Siwoo Kim made up his mind to focus only on his own play. And in January 2021, he achieved 3 career victories on American Express in just over 3 years and 8 months. Last year, he didn’t have a great record, but he played a big role by participating in the Presidents Cup and posting the best international team record (3 wins and 1 loss).온라인카지노

With this victory, Kim Si-woo achieved 4 wins in his PGA Tour career. After the game, Kim Si-woo said, “I am happy to win 4 times. He came quickly to win 2, but win 3 took a while. After that, it took a little while for him to win 4, but it seems to have come earlier than expected.”

Kim Si-woo said he was particularly grateful to his ‘wife’ Oh Ji-hyeon (27). Kim Si-woo and Oh Ji-hyun got married in December last year. Even before her marriage, Oh Ji-hyun often visited the United States and supported her Kim Si-woo. She also took care of the wedding preparations and helped Kim Si-woo focus on the tour.

Kim Si-woo said, “I came to Hawaii early as a honeymoon. He was so comfortable that he didn’t even know he was holding a tournament outside the course,” he said. Even in tense moments, seeing them walk together made them laugh and relax. It’s not an easy road, but thank you for coming with me.”

Siwoo Kim’s next schedule is American Express, which he won in 2021. The tournament will be held on the 20th at PGA West in La Quinta, California, USA. Kim Si-woo said, “It’s a tournament I won, and I hope the fans in Korea will support me a lot so that I can achieve good results. I will do my best,” he said.

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