The 5 ties that started 29 years ago led to the Korean command tower

The long-standing relationship between director Jurgen Klinsmann (59) and Korea bore fruit in 2023.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 27th that it had appointed Klinsman as the new head coach of the Korean national football team. His contract period is 3 years and 6 months until the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America. The first departure of the Klinsman is the Colombia match to be held in Ulsan on the 24th of next month.

On the 28th, the association held a press conference to appoint manager Klinsman at the soccer hall. Michael Müller, the head of the National Team Power Enhancement Committee, answered questions about the seniority background.

Chairman Muller said, “I am happy to have appointed coach Klinsmann as the new head coach,” and “I want to greet a successful day by working together for the development of Korean football as soon as possible.”

He said, “At the first meeting with the members of the Power Reinforcement Committee, we shared the overall idea for appointing a new coach, such as procedures and standards,” and “we talked about expertise, experience, motivation, teamwork, and environmental factors, and we all agreed.” stated the standards.

The Power Reinforcement Committee gradually narrowed down the list of candidates from the initial 61. Chairman Muller explained토토사이트, “After selecting 23 candidates from 61 candidates, we selected the final five candidates,” and “we held an online meeting with the final candidates.” He added, “I saw how the Korean team played at the last World Cup in Qatar and talked about what kind of soccer I wanted to use.”

Among the five candidates, the top priority was manager Klinsman. Chairman Muller said, “I felt a positive response and interest in Korean soccer from coach Klinsman, who was the first target of negotiations,” and said, “I judged that he was the right person to talk about anymore because he was motivated by himself.”

Chairman Müller said that coach Klinsmann has great interest in Korea. Klinsman’s first meeting with Korea dates back to the 1994 World Cup in the United States. At that time, he scored two goals against Korea. Korea chased two goals in the second half, but lost 2-3.

Chairman Mueller said, “As far as I know, coach Klinsman was also a candidate for the Korean command tower in 2018,” and said, “He wants to live in Korea, has a lot of interest, and wants to know.” Referring to the World Cup in the United States, he said, “Coach Klinsman said he scored, but it was a fierce game. He also said that he was very impressed with Korea’s strong spirit.”

Afterwards, coach Klinsmann visited Korea as a commentator for Germany during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. In 2004, he visited Korea as the German coach and played a friendly match. Chairman Müller explained, “At that time, Germany lost to Korea 1-3.”

This wasn’t the end. In 2017, I visited the U-20 World Cup held in Korea. It was only to see his son, Jonathan Clins. At the last World Cup in Qatar, he looked at the Korean game as a member of the Technology Study Group (TSG).

Chairman Müller said, “Coach Klinsman, who belonged to TSG, evaluated and analyzed all the games, and I know he was more interested in Korean soccer,” and introduced his relationship with Cha Doo-ri. He continued, “I know Coach Klinsman asked Doo-Ri Cha a lot about Korean football.”

Chairman Mueller said, “Each person has a different personality and human aspect,” and “I think we have to wait and see how it will affect the team.” He said, “I am very excited to see how coach Klinsman will use his personality to perform with the national team.”

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