‘The 2nd Aguero’ former Liverpool MF, heart abnormality → tearful retirement declaration

Former English Premier League Liverpool 먹튀검증 star Lucas Leyva has announced his retirement due to heart disease. He revealed that he was ending his football career in tears.

Leyva, 36, announced her retirement on the 17th after being diagnosed with heart disease during a medical examination last year. Until a routine check-up last year, Ray Barr had no idea he had heart disease. He played 450 professional league matches before announcing his retirement, including 247 matches in 10 years for Liverpool and 155 matches for 5 years in Serie A and Lazio. Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy.

However, Layba was found to have heart disease during a regular checkup three months ago. His current team, Brazil’s Gremio, stopped the game to closely monitor him.

It’s like the case of Manchester City and Barcelona star Sergio Aguero. Aguero also had a heart problem discovered in September 2021, when the corona was in full swing, and announced his tearful retirement at the end of that year. At the time, Aguero did not know why he had a heart problem, but he took off his Barcelona shirt according to the doctor’s recommendation.

Leiva also burst into tears on the 17th, announcing her retirement for the same reason. According to media reports, Leyva, who came out at the press conference, said, “First of all, I would like to thank the team for all their support during these three months.” “It was a difficult time. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever cried when I was notified of heart disease. But thank you. I will start a new life,” he burst into tears.

Leiva continued, “I had hopes that a reversal might happen, but it did not happen. Right now, my health comes first,” he said, announcing his retirement.

Leyva stopped training after a heart condition was discovered, and was later given further diagnostics, he said. However, doctors advised Ray Barr that if he continued to compete, his life could be seriously affected. Ray Bar announced his retirement on the advice of doctors.

According to reports, Leyva has received a final doctor’s opinion that his arrhythmia could put him in serious danger if he continues his football career.

Leyva returned to Gremio, the club where he began his professional career, after spending five years in Lazio, Italy, in June of last year. Lazio won the Coppa Italia.

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