Tenhach “I beat Barça, which is better than Real Madrid! Better than winning against Liverpool and Arsenal”

Manchester United coach Eric Tenhagh was very happy, saying that the match against Barcelona was the best victory of the season.

On the morning of the 24th (Korean time), Manchester United, who had the second leg of the 2022-2023 European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL)스포츠토토 playoffs (PO) round of 16, defeated Barcelona 2-1 at Old Trafford in Manchester, England. Manchester United, who won with an aggregate score of 4-3, succeeded in advancing to the round of 16.

It was a match where Tenhach’s replacement card hit the mark. United went into half-time with a lead in the 18th minute when Robert Lewandowski conceded a penalty. At the start of the second half, manager Tenhach replaced Baut Behorst with Anthony. Two minutes into the second half, Fred brought the game back to square one, and substitute Anthony scored the winning goal in the 28th minute of the second half. Looking at the corner of the goal, the kick went straight through the goal line.

According to Manchester United’s homepage, after the game, Tenhach said, “It was the best win of the season. We had wonderful victories by calling Liverpool and Arsenal home, but this match was a bigger victory. Barcelona are eight points behind Real Madrid. It is the leading club in the advanced La Liga. Everyone must have seen the match Real played (5-2 win over Liverpool). If they beat Real like that, everyone would think it would be a great victory.”

“It was paid for with a penalty,” Tenhag said of the first-half conceding. ‘s problem was lack of faith. In the second half it was much better.”

Coach Tenhach said, “We were able to win a great victory because we had faith that we could win. In the end, we got it by moving forward. We attacked at the right moment and moved resiliently. We have to have faith to win in big matches. “You have to be in the right attitude every moment, because those things can change the game.”

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