‘Team Lee Dae-sung’ subdues ‘Team Heoung’ at the festival of stars… MVP Ha Yoon-ki

Ha Yoon-ki (24), the signboard of Suwon KT, a professional basketball player, was named the MVP at the All-Star Game, held at home. Choi Jun-yong (29), who consistently dominated the gym atmosphere, was honored with the Best Entertainer Award.

Ha Yoon-gi played an active part in the 2022-2023 season All-Star Game held at KT Sonicboom Arena in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 15th with 28 points, leading ‘Team Lee Dae-sung’ to win 122 to 117. This is a record that ranks second in scoring after Jeon Seong-hyun of ‘Team Heo-woong’, who scored the most 29 points across both teams.

Ha Yun-ki, who scored 8 points by the 2nd quarter, began to show off his scoring ability in earnest in the second half. He literally dominated the bottom of the net, adding 10 points each in the third and fourth quarters. In addition to this performance, considering the fact that the All-Star Game was held in Suwon, he took 67 out of 77 votes in the MVP vote. He also won the ‘Dunk Performance Award’ in the dunk shot contest held during the game, and became the final two crown winners. In the post-game interview, Ha Yoon-ki repeatedly said, “It’s like a dream,” and “I’m so honored.”

As for the game itself, Team Lee Dae-sung led the team from start to finish. Immediately after the start of the game, both teams showed off their splendid skills and engaged in a close match, but in the middle of the first quarter, Choi Jun-yong took the flow by putting in 3-pointers in a clutch situation.

In the middle, the difference widened even more. As the score differed by 30 points, the flow became somewhat loose. Team Heo Woong went on a last-minute chase with Jeon Seong-hyun’s 3-pointer, but failed to create a reversal. 메이저사이트

In the 3-point shooting contest, which attracted as much attention as the main game, Heo Woong won the championship. Heo Woong, who scored 16 points in the preliminaries, scored 18 points against Korea Professional Basketball (KBL) best shooter Jeon Seong-hyeon in the semifinals, and scored 19 points against Kim Guk-chan in the final.

Among foreign players, Lens Abando shone. Although he did not participate in the main game, he took first place in the dunk shot contest by far away from his competitors based on his overwhelming jumping power. In the preliminaries and finals rounds 1 and 2, a total of three rounds of evaluation, all 5 judges gave a perfect score of 10, giving off the spirit of ‘All Ten’. Abando also laughed at the 3-on-3 basketball match that took place during the game. A team of foreign players from the Asian Quarter with Ronsay Avarientos and Sam Joseph Belrangel defeated a team of domestic players led by Kim Seon-hyeong, Byun Jun-hyeong and Lee Jung-hyeon (Goyang Carrot) 13-7.

Various fan services were enough to bring laughter to the 3325 spectators who filled the Sonic Boom Arena. In a halftime joint performance with the famous dance team ‘Hook’, Lee Jeong-hyeon (Seoul Samsung) and Kim Sun-hyeong performed ‘playing with fire’. In ‘Tell me with your body’, where the players of both teams watch the choreography and guess the song together with the fans, Laguna, who was unable to see the wandering Omari Spellman, stormed in and recreated the idol group Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’, drawing laughter from the crowd. .

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