‘Swedish version of Jamie Vardy’ Ulsan signs striker Rubiksson

K-League 1 champion Ulsan Hyundai brought Swedish striker Rubiksson.

On the 5th, Ulsan said, “Sweden’s long-term striker Gustav Rubiksson wore the Ulsan uniform. The recruitment of Rubikson, who plays both side and central strikers and has decent activity and speed, raised expectations for the 2023 championship to the fullest.” said.

Rubiksson is the Swedish version of Jamie Vardy (Leicester City). Like Vardy, who grew up from England’s 8th division to the Premier League’s top scorer, Rubiksson started in 2011 at Jörnike IF in Sweden’s 7th division. In 2015, he passed through the 5th division Sebedalens, and in 2018, he finally moved to the professional stage, the 2nd division Oeri Rutte IS. He recorded 23 goals and 14 assists in 59 games over two seasons in the Second Division. 토토사이트

In 2020, he moved his nest to Hammarbi IF in the first division. He recorded 31 goals and 19 assists in 88 games over the next three seasons.

In particular, synergistic effects are expected as he has worked with midfielder Daryan Boyanic, who was recruited in November last year, for three seasons in Hammarbi.

Rubiksson said, “I stopped my long journey in Sweden for a while and took on a new challenge. I know what the team expects from me, so I will prepare well this winter and show good soccer on the Korean stage.