Standing on the way to ‘Ace of the Limited Express’, Gwak Bin “Upgraded the first and second ‘controlling power'”

Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 12th, where catcher Yang Eui-ji, who made a U-turn to Doosan through the free agent (FA) market, held the initiation ceremony. While key players such as Kim Jae-hwan and Heo Kyung-min, who welcome Yang Eui-ji’s return, went to the event site, some players left the indoor training ground and came out to the ground to start exercising.

Among them, right-hander Kwak Bin (24), who is the present and future of the Doosan mound and has been selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, was also seen. Gwakbin finished the training with running after playing catch while adjusting the intensity.

Kwak Bin was holding a dirty WBC ball. It was a scene that proved how much effort he put into adapting after receiving the WBC official ball at the end of last year. Nevertheless, Kwak Bin said, “The surface of the ball is slippery. I think he should pay more attention to his control,” he said. The reason Gwak Bin brought up the topic of ‘jegu’ first with the official ball is because he has felt the importance of the jegu over the years.

First of all, in order to play a role as expected in the WBC to be held in March, you need to gain confidence from the ball by adapting to the official ball. In addition, in order to speed up growth in the regular season that follows April, more stable control should be the basis.먹튀검증

Kwak Bin in the 2021 season and Kwak Bin in the 2022 season were completely different pitchers. Kwak Bin threw 98.2 innings in 21 games in the 2021 season and recorded an average ERA of 4.10 with 4 wins and 7 losses and 8 wins and 9 losses with an average ERA of 3.78 in 147.2 innings in 27 games in the 2022 season.

The biggest difference between the two seasons was, of course, the title. Even in the 2021 season, Kwak Bin’s indicators related to ball control were below average even for his team. The number of walks per 9 innings was 7.21, which was significantly higher than the team average (4.16), and the number of pitches per inning was 19.0, which was higher than the team average (17.5). Due to his high pitch count, he averaged just 4.2 innings per game as a starter.

However, in the 2022 season, the number of walks per 9 innings improved significantly to 3.66. He was better than the team average (3.90). The number of pitches per inning also dropped to 17.4. He also pitched an average of 5.1 innings per game.

Kwak Bin is in the top group of the KBO League based on his pitch. Again, the key is to control the strong ball. Kwak Bin was still humble at this point. He lowered his head, calling himself “a pitcher who lacks control.”

Maybe that’s why Kwak Bin seems to have more room for his growth. When asked how to upgrade his pitching, he replied, “The only thing I can do is keep throwing. He throws a lot and has to learn (in my own sense),” he said.

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