Song Jeong-cho beats Chilgok-cho to win gold at home

Ulsan Song Jeong-cho, who stood high, became the main character of the gold medal.

Song Jeong-cho, representative of Ulsan, in the men’s U13 and under final of the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival held at Ulsan University Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 30th, she defeated Chilgok-cho, representative of Daegu, 38-22 to reach the top for the second time in the season.

Breaking the expectation that it would be a close match, Song Jeong-cho took the lead from the beginning.안전놀이터

Song Jeong-cho led the team’s uptrend, with Jeong Baek-ho (183cm, C) scoring 6 points in the first quarter against Hong Yun-ki (174cm, C) of Chilgok Elementary School.

Against this, Chilgokcho missed an easy scoring opportunity as if the guards they trusted were nervous, and had to solve the game with difficulty as the accuracy of Yatoo decreased.

In the middle of the game, Bae Kun-woo (158cm, G) tried to turn the atmosphere around with a long-range shot, but Lee Do-yoon (167cm, F)’s attack, which he trusted, only scored 3 points.

In the second half of the second quarter, Chilgokcho’s attack revived and seemed to be pursuing, but the still inaccurate Yatoo-oriented attack became the reason for not narrowing the score gap.

In the second half, the game did not change much.

Moreover, Chilgokcho even fouled out Bae Geon-woo, who had been playing like Altoran in offense and defense, and still had trouble attacking.

Song Jeong-cho, who seized the victory, continued the lead with a calm game management, and finished the game with a victory with a generous score difference.

Meanwhile, in the women’s under-13 finals held at Ulsan University of Science and Technology Gymnasium, Gyeonggi representative Seongnam Sujeong-cho won a 36-24 victory over Chungnam representative Onyang-dong Shin-cho and rose to the top.

Despite the absence of one of the main scorers, Jeon Ha-yeon (170cm, GF), who was injured, Jeong-won Heo (172cm, CF) dominated the paint zone with 14 points and 18 rebounds, and Sujeongcho won a complete victory over Dongshincho, Onyang.

Baek-ho Jeong of Song Jeong-cho and Jung-won Heo of Sujeong-cho were selected as the grand prize winners of the competition.

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