‘Son Heung-min+Cash↔Hapieleang’ trade possible… Inter also interested

“Son National” Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham) could be headed to Italy’s Serie A, according to reports.

Italian media outlet Il Romanista reported on Son Heung-min’s move to Serie A on Nov. 23 (KST). “Tottenham are preparing to end the season without another trophy, so a revolutionary change could happen this summer. Several transfers could take place, and it is possible that top players will say goodbye to Spurs. The most recent rumor is that Son Heung-min is very close to joining our league (Serie A).”안전놀이터

“Heung-min, who has two years left on his contract with Tottenham, has never won a trophy with the London club. Perhaps he is looking for a new challenge to win trophies. If he decides to leave, several clubs will be in the running,” adding that “Inter Milan and AC Milan are the two clubs most interested in him in Serie A”. Heung-min has played in two major European leagues, the Bundesliga and the English Premier League.

Raphael Leroy. AFP
“The Rossoneri (AC Milan) have one trump card that could seal the deal with Spurs. Milan can propose a trade for Son Heung-Min and Hafa Leroy, 24. (In addition to Son, Tottenham would have to add a transfer fee of €30-40 million (approximately $42.6-$56.9 billion). In terms of age and recent performances, Leroy is more valuable than Son.”

“The South Korean forward has, by his own admission, had a rather poor season this year. His performances this season are a far cry from those of the past few seasons.”

After becoming the first Asian player to score 23 goals in the English Premier League in the 2021-2022 season, Son has scored 10 goals in 35 games this season.

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