SON competitor or facilitator?…Recruitment work begins with ‘oral bidding’

Tottenham Hotspur has begun work on the signing of Leandro Trosar (28, Brighton).

Trosar is an offensive resource that can digest both the second line and the front line. He mainly plays as a wing-forward, but also plays in the front line based on his unique skills. He has strength in ball handling and kicking, so he is influential in the attack. He also has a lot of his activity, so he actively carries out the press.

Trosar mainly played in the Belgian league in his home country. After playing for Genk for five seasons from the 2016-17 season to the 2018-19 season, he wore a Brighton uniform in the 2019-20 season. Trosar played more than 30 league games each season and served as a key resource. This season as well, he scored 7 goals in 16 league matches, ranking 7th in the English Premier League (EPL) scoring list.

Trossar’s contract with Brighton runs until next summer, with an option for a one-year extension. However, it is likely that Trosar will leave the team. Recently, rumors of a feud with Brighton manager Roberto De Gervi were also reported. Coach De Jerbi criticized, saying, “Trosar can only play when he gives his 100 percent effort.”

Tottenham are showing interest at a time when Trosar’s whereabouts are uncertain. The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Tottenham made a verbal offer to Brighton for Trosar. Brighton, of course, want to keep Trossar at the team and rejected Tottenham’s offer.” 토토사이트

The number of Tottenham attackers themselves is not lacking. The problem is the current condition. Richarlison, who was recruited this summer, is struggling with frequent injuries while core Son Heung-min and Harry Kane struggle. Dejan Klusewski, who joined last winter and was in charge of one axis of the attack, is currently recovering.

Recently, Brian Hill has been showing an active appearance as a starter, but we need to watch a little more. Veteran Lucas Moura is a likely move. In other words, Trosar, who has digested various positions from Tottenham’s point of view and has already finished adapting to the Premier League, can be a net exhaust card.

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