Seoul High School Ace-Dodgers Minor Leaguer of the Year, returned after 9 months with 3 scoreless innings

Choi Hyun-il, who was selected as the best pitcher in the minor leagues under the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2021, shook off his injury and threw the ball again. He was responsible for 3 innings in only 275 days of appearances.토토사이트

Choi Hyun-il, a member of the Single A Great Lake Runes under the Dodgers, pitched in relief in a game against the Peoria Chiefs (under St. Louis) held at Dozer Park in Peoria, Illinois, USA on the 26th (Korean time). He followed starter Yon Castro in the 4th inning and blocked 3 innings with 2 hits, 2 strikeouts and no runs until the 6th inning.

He suffered a crisis from the start of the fifth inning with a 2-0 lead after ending the fourth inning with a three-way exit. He gave up a double to leadoff batter Jimmy Crooks. Choi Hyun-il caught Jeremy Rivas with a fly ball and blocked the run with two ground balls. He was also hit by a double by the leading batter in the sixth inning, but ended up finishing his inning without conceding a run., the official minor league site, reported the results of the game and praised Choi Hyun-il’s pitching after coming out of the rehabilitation tunnel, saying, “Choi Hyun-il shone in the first appearance of the season.”

Choi Hyun-il appeared in 24 games in Single A and High Single A in 2021 and recorded an average ERA of 3.55 with 8 wins and 6 losses. He also received the Dodgers’ Minor League Pitcher of the Year Award. The player who received the best player award at the time is Miguel Vargas, who now guards the Dodgers infield.

In March 2022, he was ranked 28th overall and 12th as a pitcher in the Dodgers prospect rankings. In the prospect evaluation, he was introduced as a starting prospect with excellent fastball, changeup, and control.

At the time, said, “Choi Hyun-il is a pitcher who prioritizes control and command rather than pitch. Last year, 1.5 walks per 9 innings was at least 9th. A three-quarter pitcher with deception sent the ball where he wanted. It settled in the lower starting rotation. He is a player worth doing.”

He spent a significant amount of time last year in rehabilitation. On April 9 last year, after throwing 3 innings in a single A game, he was placed on the injured list due to elbow pain. On August 24, he threw 1 inning in 1 game in the Arizona Complex League and started managing again. And he returned 275 days later with three scoreless innings.

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