‘Seol Soccer’ Gyeongnam coach Seol Ki-hyun’s confidence “This year’s composition is the best after taking office”

“The composition this year after taking office is the best.”

It was the confidence of Gyeongnam FC coach Seol Ki-hyun. Coach Seol said at the ‘2023 K League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held in Miryang, Gyeongnam on the 15th, “We prepare similarly every year. After the 1st Namhae training, we came to Miryang for the 2nd and are preparing detailed and tactical parts. 4 I’ve been leading Gyeongnam for the first year, and I’ve organized the parts I’ve done well and the areas I’ve lacked in, so promotion is important, but only when the football I want to play appears can I differentiate myself as a coach in the fourth year. “I think this year’s composition is the best. There are no players worth the name, so reinforcements were not noticed. Last year, The midfield and sidebacks, which were vulnerable to the game, have been reinforced. From a practical point of view, the training is well done. This composition itself has become more evenly balanced overall than ever before. I have higher expectations.”

Gyeongnam has seen ups and downs over the past few years. Before the opening, they were evaluated as ‘champions level’, but they were always lacking one point. They made it to the playoffs last season, but failed to get promoted again. Coach Seol succeeded in renewing the contract again and continued to accompany Gyeongnam. Coach Seol said, “I thought it would be difficult to renew the contract because we had not reached the final goal we thought it would be. It fits with the idea of ​​doing. This year, more colors should come out. We need to create a team with colors. We are focusing on that part.”

– How is winter training going?

▶ We prepare similarly every year. After the 1st Namhae training, I came to Miryang for the 2nd, preparing for the detailed and tactical parts. I have been leading Gyeongnam for the 4th year, and I have organized well what I have done well and what I have lacked. Promotion is important, but only when the football I want to play appears, can I differentiate myself as a 4th year coach. We focus on that part. It was difficult last season when patients came out, but I am paying attention to not having injured people. Let’s do it the way we’ve been doing since the beginning.

– I renewed my contract.

▶We thought that renewing the contract would be difficult because we had not reached our final goal. The new owner gave me faith. As a 4-year coach, you need to make use of your strengths. A lot has changed since I first took office. It fits with my idea. There should be more colors this year. We need to create a team with color. We focus on that part.

-What part should I look forward to?

▶Last season, he scored a lot of goals, but conceded a lot. We focused on defending systematically, making it difficult, and creating chances. This part has been read a lot. Taking advantage of the advantages and paying attention to the offense in terms of conceding, he expressed regret in the lack of defensive training or the organizational part. A good team is based on stability in defense, but I think about creating a high-quality offense that I think while bringing stability in offense and defense by striking a good balance. I have to come out saying that Gyeongnam is playing this kind of soccer, but I have to show what kind of soccer they are playing.

– Almost no defensive reinforcements.

▶ I think this year’s composition is the best. There is no player with a name value, so reinforcement is just not noticeable. Midfield and sidebacks, who were weak last year, have been reinforced. From a practical point of view, training is going well. This composition itself has become more evenly balanced overall than ever before. I have bigger expectations.

-There are a lot of changes in foreign players.

▶Foreign players also have excellent individual skills like last year, so the part that poses a threat has fallen. Still, it has its own characteristics. As a manager, what matters most when making a team is how well the team plays. It’s good if you have excellent individual skills, but you can lose skills because you depend on them or have seen them struggle against strong defenses, but it’s not that you don’t have skills. When it’s difficult, creating chances through team play and working hard can be a plus factor. If you harmonize with the existing attacking players, you will be in good shape. Since there is a foreign quota left, I plan to help reinforce various options in the attack through recruitment.

– It seems that you have a different resolution depending on the unexpected renewal of the contract.

▶I always thought it was the last time. I got a chance because you looked at me very well. Every year, efforts have been made to produce results. It is the same this year. It doesn’t come out just because it produces results. I think playing the football you want to play is ultimately competitive. It is not easy to work for a team for 4 years as a professional coach. The familiarity of being together for a long time and the organizational ability are used as strengths, so foreign players are not as special as last season, but it is important to create a team that makes it difficult and creates a good situation through solid organizational skills when 11 people go out on the pitch. There were parts of the soccer that I want to be able to become such a team, and I have to make up for it. I want to make a team with a high level of perfection and play that kind of soccer for a long time. Then, the result is always, making a competitive team is the first thing to do, not chasing the result. Training follows a similar pattern each time. It’s the last of this year.

– Since you didn’t get good grades, some point out that you lack competitiveness.

▶ Not enough. He started as a professional coach in Gyeongnam, and found and supplemented his shortcomings. He has a hard time playing colored football. It is even more difficult to complete. It’s hard to do it perfectly from the start. It needs a process of supplementing and admitting mistakes. As a 4-year coach, I believe that I did well in one direction for the past 4 years, although there are some shortcomings. As much as the new owner gave us a chance, we need to make it more complete. That’s what I’ve learned in 3 years. Some things do and some don’t. law to respond It is important to make things organized without lacking. It is important to take on challenges in any situation. We will do our best to become the team we thought of.

-There were also talks about disbanding.

▶ I think the club will solve the problem. I’m going to say that such things will happen, but it has not been decided. The Sido Mingu team has been put in such a situation every year. It is important to create a certain situation this season and plant the interest and value of investment in the provincial club, so it is our role to make sure that the team can become the team they want next season.

– Then, how much more do you need to complete Seol Ki-hyun’s soccer?

▶I don’t know either.

– How is the K-League 2 this season?

▶ There are many evaluations, but it is different when you enter. Kim Cheon will do the best, and experience will be the watershed for the rest of the team. We aim for promotion. Direct, playoffs, in any way, I plan to challenge토토사이트 myself to achieve my goal.

-Gyeongnam is a team that always invests a lot.

▶ Steady investment is important. The emphasis on the players is the team we invest a lot in. He said that he was not only aiming for promotion, but even after going up, advancing to the ACL and winning the championship was his goal. It is said that you should not be satisfied with promotion alone. When steady investment is made, promotion is achieved and competitiveness arises when it goes to the first division. Thank you for continuing to invest. I will make a competitive team in the promotion and 1st division with strength. are trying We need to work harder to become such a team.

-Who will be the rival team for promotion.

▶ A difficult game will be played against a difficult team. I don’t know which team I’ll be competing with, but I think it’s important what kind of results I make in matches against teams like Bucheon or Asan, which are always difficult. Even when training, I analyze the parts that are difficult when working with such a team. It was difficult for a physically strong and hard-working team, so I am preparing for such a team.

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