SD aiming for the presidency, to reign as a strong team?…US media “We need to catch a one-two punch to become a FA”

“San Diego Padres need a starting pitcher.”

San Diego has recruited top players every year to challenge for the presidency. The same goes for this winter. They recruited Zander Bogarts, one of the Big 4 shortstops in the free agent market, and succeeded in strengthening their depth by embracing veteran hitter Matt Carpenter, outfielder Adam Angel, pitcher Seth Lugo, and Honeywell Jr., the official homepage of Major League Baseball, also announced the power rankings on the 2nd (Korean time), and San Diego came in fourth. It ranks higher than traditional powerhouses such as the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. San Diego finished second in the National League West with 89 wins and 73 losses last season, and advanced to the championship series. This year, even higher grades are expected to be expected. 토토

It is important to rise to the ranks of a strong team, but how long you maintain your performance is also important. It is also important to prevent internal power leaks as well as recruiting from outside. After finishing this season, Darvish Yu and Blake Snell, who achieved a one-two pinch, will become free agents in San Diego.

The American media ‘East Village Times’ also argued on the 9th, “San Diego needs a starting pitcher,” and “both Darvish and Snell, who are eligible for FA, must be caught.” In particular, it is an opinion that an ace who can threaten the opponent when advancing to the postseason is needed.

The media emphasized the need for Darvish, saying, “Darvish is not as young as before, but he has maintained a certain level of performance.” Darvish recorded an average ERA of 3.10 with 16 wins and 8 losses in 30 games, and after throwing 209⅔ innings in the 2013 season, he digested 194⅔ innings, the most. Even though he is in his late 30s, he still looks powerful.

He has a lot of experience in the big leagues. Darvish has been active as a starting pitcher for 10 seasons after standing on the major league stage in 2012. The media evaluated, “Darvish’s pitch combination is overwhelming for young hitters. 12 different pitches are possible. A three-year contract with a team option for the fourth year would be appropriate.”

Snell is also claiming to lead the retention. Snell, who won the Cy Young Award. He overpowered his opponents with a fast ball that reached 98 mph. However, his form in San Diego is somewhat disappointing. He joined San Diego in 2021, and went 15-16 over two years. The media regretted that “Snell hasn’t shown his best yet,” but he insisted that “a 3-4 year contract is appropriate,” saying he is “a pitcher who can secure some consistency.”

A strong starting pitcher is what every team wants. Darvish and Snell are starting resources with proven skills. I wonder if San Diego will continue to accompany them.

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