Samsung Lions choosing ‘strengthening’ rather than ‘change’

Samsung Lions, a professional baseball  team that continues to be quiet in the Stove League market,  is focusing on strengthening power rather than changing the team in  time for the 2023 season .

Samsung, which gave up all two free agents in the team,  is spending the winter season without much movement in the market,  contrary to experts’ predictions that  a trade will be made through abundant catcher resources  . In November 2022,  Samsung coach Park Jin-man  , who recently conducted a finishing camp that is difficult to see  in other teams, said, “I saw the possibility of strengthening the team power through strong training  . ” Samsung’s  recently shown direction to strengthen its strength, which is  different from the recently changed KBO league trend  of external recruitment and  self-selected training by players  with the goal of winning, is expected to continue in the Okinawa field training in February  . 토토사이트