‘Relegation Crisis’ Everton may drop ‘legend’ and bring in ‘legend’

Everton, which is in danger of relegation, may take special measures. If ‘Chelsea legend’ coach Frank Lampard is sacked, another ‘legend’ Wayne Rooney is being considered as his successor.

The British’The Sun’ reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Rooney will be nominated as a new manager along with Roberto Martinez and Sean Dice if Lampard, who is facing a threat of dismissal, is fired.”

Rooney is an Everton football legend. Prominent from his youth, he made his first-team debut in 2002 at the age of just 16, and in the same year made a name for himself in England by scoring the winning goal to halt Arsenal’s ’30-match unbeaten run’. 안전놀이터

After that, he enjoyed his prime at Manchester United. He transferred in 2004 and won numerous trophies, including winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in 13 seasons. In his later years, he returned to Everton and scored 10 goals in the 2017-18 season, showing off his legendary side.

He is currently working as a manager. He started his managerial career straight away with Derby County, which was his last team as a player in 2020. Although he successfully led the team despite all kinds of difficulties, such as losing points due to financial problems for two seasons, he was unable to prevent relegation from the 3rd division.

Maybe even return to Everton as manager. This is because Lampard’s performance has not been good recently. Coach Lampard took over as Everton’s firefighter last season, and despite poor performance, he took care of the silly and succeeded in a dramatic stay.

Not good this season. Coach Lampard is still unable to break the winless trend (6 games) that has continued since the first half. He only picked up one point in three league matches played after the World Cup break. In no time, the ranking fell to 18th, the relegation zone.

Hard stories are coming out. The British ‘Express’ predicted on the 5th, “The next two matches will be the ones that will decide Lampard’s retention as manager.” Local media are also arguing about whether Lampard will be sacked or not.

If Lampard is sacked, Everton are willing to bring in another legendary manager, Rooney. ‘The Sun’ said, “Rooney may get a chance to become Everton manager as manager Lampard’s position is in jeopardy.”