‘Quote time’ leading the rise of NC, ‘Positive power’ spoken by Captain Son A-seop

This season, NC starts the game with a ‘quote’. When the players stand in front of the dugout, they say the words prepared by the ‘duty’ of the day. After that, everyone shouts “fighting” together and runs to the ground.먹튀검증

On the 14th, before the match against Doosan, Kim Joo-won mentioned the previous day’s defeat and said, “If you continue as you did, there will be good results again.” Before the game on the 9th, when he won three consecutive victories against SSG, Kim Han-byeol said, “The momentum is good these days. It would be nice to follow the momentum and sweep the league’s top team,” he shouted briefly and boldly, “Momentum.”

NC’s ‘Quote Time’ is an idea put forward by captain Son Ah-seop. The intention is to start the game in a positive mood. It started at the start of the season.

After winning against Doosan in Changwon on the 15th, Son Ah-seop laughed, saying, “In a way, I feel like I’m gaslighting my juniors.” He said, “Wouldn’t it be brainwashed without even knowing it while talking and listening to positive stories?” said. Son A-seop himself said that he was brainwashing himself by reading books and looking for good writings. Son A-seop said that he would continue the ‘quote time’ until the end of the season.

NC Kim Joo-won is speaking to the players ahead of the Changwon Doosan match on the 14th. NC Dinos YouTube video capture

Son Ah-seop, the protagonist of the idea, also left several ‘quotes’ this season. Earlier this month, he said, “Baseball is not a sport dominated by one or two superstars,” and “NC can do better. I want to show that the eyes of baseball officials and media who predicted the lower ranks were wrong.” In an interview after the game that day, when asked about his impressions of 2,300 hits and his goals for the rest of the season, he replied, “I will go to bat thinking that today is the last time.”

The standards for the words of juniors are also high. When asked what was the most impressive saying, Son A-seop said, “I don’t think there was anything that caught my eye. The impact is still a bit lacking,” he said with a laugh.

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