‘Punching at opponent’ Lee Kyu-sung again, this time for on-field assault…federation “analyzing media”

Ulsan Hyundai’s Lee Kyu-sung, 29, is at the center of controversy for “violent behavior” after punching an opposing player during a match.온라인바카라

Ulsan lost 1-2 to Incheon United in the 22nd round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on Dec. 12. With the loss, Ulsan remained in first place with 53 points. The gap to second-place Pohang (38 points) is now 15 points.

As bitter as the loss was, it could have been worse. Lee Kyu-sung was caught on video punching Incheon’s Moon Ji-hwan in the face during the match.

While the incident didn’t cause much of a stir during the game, Lee’s rough behavior was questioned by fans afterward. Some soccer fans said it was intentional and that he should be severely punished. Not surprisingly, many said he should have been sent off.

The incident occurred in the third minute of the second half, when the score was tied at 0-0. When Lee Kyu-sung was marked by Moon Ji-hwan during an attack, he turned his head to glance to his right and suddenly raised his right arm high and swung.

The fist hit Moon Ji-hwan in the face and he fell to the ground, crying out in pain, but referee Ahn Jae-hoon didn’t see it and Ulsan continued to attack. The referee only approached Moon Ji-hwan to check the situation after a corner kick, and Ulsan’s Jung Seung-hyun helped him to his feet. Moon protested to the referee that Lee Kyu-sung had hit him with an elbow, but to no avail.

No foul was called, but it was clear violence. Lee Kyu-sung raised his right arm above shoulder level, looked at Moon Ji-hwan with both eyes, and punched him squarely in the face. This was not a simple physical contact. It was also not a situation where Moon Ji-Hwan used his hands to forcefully pull Lee Kyu-Sung away, which makes it even more questionable.

The federation is also aware of the incident. A league official told OSEN, “The federation is aware of (Lee Kyu-sung’s actions) and is analyzing the media. The club support department is checking the content. If it is deemed necessary, we will discuss with the association’s refereeing office and take action.”

The federation official continued, “We understand that the scene was mentioned in the post-match evaluation meeting. It could be seen as a case of intent, so there could be disciplinary action. However, there were a lot of rough plays in the game as a whole, so we’re looking at it in general.”

It is a serious matter that could lead to a suspension. According to the K League Baseball Punishment Code, a player can be “suspended for not less than two games and not more than 10 games or fined not less than 5 million won” if he commits an act of assault or assault and battery. Of course, since Moon Ji-Hwan did not suffer any serious injuries, it is highly unlikely that he will receive anything close to a 10-game suspension.

This is the latest controversy for Lee Kyu-sung, who was disciplined for “racist remarks” last month. He was suspended for one game and fined 15 million won ($15,000) for commenting on a post by teammate Lee Myung-jae, saying “Southeast Asian quota is strong” and using Lee’s skin color as the subject of a joke.

Despite the controversy surrounding the cotton-batting punishment, Lee returned to the field after his one-game suspension to help Ulsan, only to find himself in trouble again, this time for violent behavior on the field.

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