‘Prediction of quality comparable to Tottenham’…’K-League broadcasting’ Shall we lead innovation?

 K-League ‘Relay’ is about to change.

The 2023 season K-League will be broadcast live on seven broadcasters. K League 1 is managed by Sky Sports, JTBC Golf & Sports, and IB Sports. For K League 2, Channel A Plus has been added to the existing Life Sports TV, BALL TV, Sky Sports, IB Sports, GOLF & PBA channels.

What stands out is the digital platform. ‘Coupang Play’ will digitally exclusively broadcast all K League 1 and 2 matches this season. This is the first time that the K-League, which celebrated its 40th anniversary, will be broadcast live exclusively on OTT.

The Professional Football Federation (Soccer Federation) and Coupang Play signed a ‘comprehensive partnership’ in April of last year. It was a step to provide a variety of entertainment, including K-League broadcasting and original contents.

Ahead of this season, the 2022 season K-League original series ‘THE K’, Incheon United’s ‘Emergency 2022’ and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s ‘WE GO UP’ were released ahead of the opening. FC Anyang’s “Raise your head and look at the fans when you’re tired” and Seongnam FC’s “OUR CITY OUR CLUB” will also be released in February.

The key is the formation of ‘Couple Pick’. Coupang Play is a special broadcast produced and transmitted by Coupang Play, separate from TV broadcasting. Major matches this season will be broadcast through Kuplepick, and up to 17 cameras will be used안전놀이터. A preview of the match will also be broadcast.

An official from Coupang Play said, “We plan to broadcast other major matches, including one home game for each of the 12 K-League 1 clubs, through Coupang Play. About 17 games are expected, including the opening match between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai.”

The insufficient number of cameras was one of the biggest problems in K-League broadcasting. Due to equipment limitations, fans watching the game through non-intuitive relay broadcasting could not see various screens. It was a long time ago, but there were cases where the main scenes could not be captured on the relay screen. Even though broadcasting is gradually developing, the monotonous screen due to the lack of cameras was an element that diminished the fun of the K-League.

Coupang Play revealed that the effect that can be enjoyed with 17 cameras is ‘dynamic and lively game screen’. An official from Coupang Play said, “We will use multiple cameras to capture various angles and convey the vivid appearance of the ground. We are planning from various angles, such as drone shots and stadium views. In addition, we are trying to enrich the composition before, during and after the game.”

Coupang Play relayed the ‘Coupang Play Series’ matches between Tottenham, Team K League, and Sevilla in July. Coupang Play said, “At the time, the relay broadcasting received a lot of response. As the first digital exclusive live broadcast of the K-League, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, we will try to meet the expectations of fans with dynamic broadcasting and vivid picture quality comparable to the Coupang Play series.”

‘Couple Pick’, which can present a new wind for K-League broadcasting, will be shown for the first time at the opening game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ between Ulsan and Jeonbuk at 2:00 pm on the 25th at Ulsan Munsu Stadium.

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