Pepper Savings Bank players complete Mungyeong training and conduct local volleyball classes

The women’s professional volleyball team of Pepper Savings Bank went to field training in the offseason. The Pepper Savings Bank team announced on the 17th that “the team conducted domestic field training in Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk from the 8th to the 12th.”카지노사이트

Eleven players participated in this off-season training, including Lee Han-bi, who is in charge of the team captain, and Chae Seon-ah, who transferred after receiving qualification as an off-season free agent (FA). On the coaching staff, coach Min-beom Park supervised the field training.

Coach Aachen Kim, head coach Lee Kyung-soo, and coach Lee Seong-hee were not able to attend this training due to the 2023 V-League Women’s foreign player tryout and draft schedule held in Istanbul, Turkey.

The women’s professional volleyball team of Pepper Savings Bank conducted their first domestic training in the offseason in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang Province. [Photo = Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers Volleyball Team]

The club said, “In this field training, we conducted rehabilitation and reinforcement training centered on bare body and bands to prevent and recover from hamstring injuries of players and to develop joint mobility and strength.” into the training program,” he explained.

The team’s first field training in Korea, which was held in Gangwon-do in May of last year, focused on physical strength training such as mountain training in Seoraksan Mountain and running on the sandy beach, but this year it was changed. The club said, “We focused on training to improve our basic capabilities with an emphasis on improving performance.”

This field training was also used as an opportunity to expand the base of youth volleyball. On the 10th, the team visited Jeomchon Middle School in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang Province, and held a ‘Volleyball Class with Pepper Savings Bank Volleyball Team’.

The players had time to teach the basics of volleyball to 190 2nd and 3rd grade students at Jeomchon Middle School. In addition, teams were divided into volleyball club students and teachers to conduct mini-games.

Students and teachers who participated in the volleyball class responded positively, as it is rare to have direct interaction with active players.

Women’s professional volleyball players at Pepper Savings Bank also held a volleyball class for students and teachers of Jeomchon Middle School during the field training in Mungyeong, Gyeongbuk. [Photo = Pepper Savings Bank AI Peppers Volleyball Team]

Kim Dong-eon, head of the club, said, “This off-season training, designed to achieve the desired results with the best skills this year, is a time for each player to supplement what he wants and strengthen his individual capabilities.”

Director Kim also added, “I am happy that I can help not only improve team performance but also expand the base of youth volleyball through volleyball classes.”

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