Pep? Ricardo? ‘Unexpected role model’ chosen by director Sabi

(Best Eleven)

Barcelona coach Xabi Hernandez gained experience as a coach while working with great coaches as a player. Having worked with over 10 managers at Barcelona, ​​he seems to have set a new example these days.

Xavi took charge of Barcelona in November 2021. He has been leading the team for over a year and is trying to live up to the glory of his playing days. This season, they are aiming for their first championship while running at the top of the league. 온라인바카라

At a press conference ahead of the match against Real Sociedad on the 26th (Korean time), coach Xavi introduced his role model. This is Imanol Al-Gwasil, the manager of the opposing team. Coach Al Guilsi has been in charge of Real Sociedad since 2018, and he is a legend who played for Real Sociedad during his playing days.

What Director Xavi learns from Director Eggswasil is ‘strategy’ and ‘method of work’. “Imanol’s strategy is great. He is a proven manager who has already won titles at Real Sociedad,” said Xavi.

He also revealed that he likes the team Real Sociedad. “I like a lot about Real Sociedad. It’s a great team and a lot of what they’ve done goes to Immanol.”

Director Al Gwa-sil has been writing a successful career by finishing 5th and 6th in the last three seasons in a row. He is considered a ‘dark horse’ for Barcelona and Real Madrid this season, as he is ranked third.

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